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Published: 08 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Prime Acceptance is the WORST company to do business with! They are a subprime lender, meaning if you have a loan with them then your credit is probably pretty bad. Apparently to Prime Acceptance though, if you had to finance with them at some LOW point in your life, then clearly you should always not be trusted, you’re irresponsible with money and will always be looking for ways to get out of honoring your commitments. At least that’s what I’ve encountered. They actually say it with a level of arrogance I have never witnessed in business. You can even see/read it for yourself from their employees responses to all of the complaint filed against them. I have had my loan with this company for 3 years and I have NEVER been late. They do have trouble running debit cards on autopayment though. They set the payments up for the 20th of the month, and then they run the payments the night before at 11PM because apparently their merchant credit card processor runs on east coast time and you are on Mountain Time. Well according to the processor it’s already 1AM so surely it’s the 20th. This makes it so those who have direct deposit on the 20th that our payments decline. Then that day I received 14 seperate phone calls from their auto dialer that I needed to call them immediately. Well I did when I got out of my meetings for that day and they of course were able to process the card just fine. So frustrating! Did they correct the problem even though they admitted it was their fault? Nope. Next month, same thing! This went on for months. So I was finally able to convince them to have my payment set to the 21st to avoid getting 15 calls on the 20th each month. Now, that’s just the first thing. They force you to purchase a GPS tracking device when you purchase the car. It is added to your purchase contract to pay for the device. After many attempts, no one ever called me back to have the thing I paid for added to my car. So they don’t even provide the product they force you to purchase. Just free money for them. Yet as soon as you owe them something they call you 15 times in one day. If only I had nothing better to do than call them and harass them for something that no one in their call center can fulfill on (as evidence by 3 years later, no product.) Now today I learn that they have decided that my insurance I have had on my car for the past 3 years needs to have a lower deductible and if I don’t comply then they will charge me an additional $75/mo. Well the car that I have financed for them is worth $2K now, and I still owe $11K… Is a $500 difference in deductible really going to make any difference if the car was in an accident? Not at all. But since 25% interest isn’t enough for them, they are looking for other ways to create more revenue out of their existing clients. Could this be because they suck so bad, and the word is finally getting around that no one in their right mind should do business with these predators? Probably. So now as of today, I have paid 2x the original sticker price of my car at $500/mo. I still owe another $11K, and apparently unless I change my insurance to their new requirement, then I will be forced to pay $75 more a month. AWESOME! BTW when I called them asking them if this was a mistake, of course I was treated like the scum of the earth who just doesn’t want to pay their bill. Their service sucks in every sense and in every department. You’re better off to get a pay day loan for a $1000 and buy an old Honda with 200,000 miles then to deal with this company. .

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