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Published: 26 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On march 10 2014 I had broke down at my shipper My company called pro-tow to send a repair mechanic out to fix my Truck.i explained to them that it had to do with the u bolts on the front end. so the so called mechanic came with the parts thinking he new what he was Doing.little did I know he didnt.he didnt know how to take it apart.he was sending pictures to a guy named mike his boss.i was wondering what was taking so long.this guy wasn’t a mechanic but was hired to do tows. He then told me his boss promoted him to mechanic. When he finally got everthing off we found out it wasn’t the u bolts but the center bolt needed to be replaced.they only come in 1 length so u have to cut it.he sat in the back of his truck trying to find somthing to cut it. I finally walked back there and ask Him what was up.he said the the cutter blade was broke and didnt know what to do. I then ask if he had a hacksaw which I saw hanging up.i guess he didnt know what a hack saw was used for.he finally got everthing back to gether.then the compressor was acting up.git everthing back together then tryed it wasn’t tight enough. I turned the wheel it was sliding on the axel.he the preseaded to tell me after 50 to 100 miles that I had to retork it.which he never did because the inpact rench wasn’t working.i had his work redone and was never ever told I had to retork what they redone.they ended up charging me 7 hours on somthing that should of took 3 hours at the company called them because they didn’t fix it.they told them That I had to retork it it was on the paper.i called them to tell them about there sloppy work that they did not finish.was told by manager he whould look into it and call me back.never did.i would not let them fix a bike let alone a big rig let it be know they do bad work and there mechanics are not certified. Be warned before u call them to fix anthing cost me another 1800 to fix on top of 1190.13 I payed them .

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