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Published: 22 February 2019

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I am also glad to see others posting about Rip Off Artists Tina Carlson and Roy Morrow of Pro Way Cleaning, Rockland, Maine I was employed by Pro Way Cleaning for several months. After experiencing trouble in getting paid I decided to quit. I was told that I was responsible for linens that were missing from homes that I had cleaned and had to replace them. The total would have added up to more than I was owed. Tina Carlson was adamant that I was responsible and that the cost would be deducted from the pay that she owed me. I strongly disagree. As it turns out there is another person who filed a complaint here stating the same issue about blame for missing linens being placed on the cleaners. There was a problem with the laundromat who had been contracted to do clean the sheets from day one. Linens had been missing, misplaced and labeled to go to the wrong homes. The linens were delivered by her or someone who she got to do it before jobs on Saturday. I would then give the linens from these jobs to her or someone she got to pick them up. I had not once taken them to the laundromat. There are other things that happened during the time I was employed such as: *Being on a job and told to leave and having other employees show up to work, for no apparent reason. She then shows up at the job yelling and complaining about the $75,000 contract she has with On the Water, Rockport, Maine and how important her reputation is to her and everyone has to work hard etc. It was like watching a soap opera. *Showing up at a job which was completely unorganized in terms of communication between Tina Carlson & Roy Morrow and the client which resulted in me being told to leave after I and another cleaner had been there working for a few hours. *Working hours and NOT getting paid for them. The company seemed to thrive on mismanagement and unorganization. I had heard many complaint from other workers when I had the opportunity to meet with them. I had been warned by some of them to demand cash – to not accept any checks – along with other degrading comments about Tina Carlson personally. I wondered why they would continue to work for her based on what they said to me. It was also interesting that Tina Carlson would only pay in cash. I wondered about that. Did she have a bad history with her bank or ripping people off or bouncing checks? I think probably all of the above. Pro Way Cleaning had contracted from On The Water which is a company located in Rockport, Maine to clean the houses. I have since learned that Pro Way’s contract was cancelled. I am not surprised. The phone number for Pro Way has been disconnected. Tina Carlson and perhaps her partner Roy Morrow also obviously rip people off and spend the money they owe them. I have caught her lying to me a few times. Lying seems to come naturally to her. Tina Carlson did not accept responsibility for her errors and blamed others constantly in a degrading manner. I think she is a pathological liar. I hope this helps anyone who might come into contact with her. .

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