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Published: 24 June 2018

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Dahlstrom now runs a new scam known as “” that illegally provides legal services, even though Dahlstrom is neither a lawyer nor has the first clue as to what he is doing. Dahlstrom has given up his Pure Trust scam as being too well known, and now sells a new scam known as the “Texas Joint Stock Company” scam, which type of company Dahlstrom falsely claims provides a variety of benefits, the only one of which is real is that it puts money into his pocket. Not being an attorney, Dahlstrom doesn’t understand why he is wrong, but he puts his victims into serious jeopardy since their communications with him are not protected by attorney-client privilege and his clients might instead have seen a real attorney who could have accomplished some real benefit. Avoid this convicted-felon snake oil salesman like the plague, and hope that your name doesn’t show up in his Rolodex for the next time the Feds come calling for him. .

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