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Published: 11 April 2019

Posted by: carolyn

My wife contacted ProCollect for settling our debt and paying it off. She called their customer representative and they said that we had a total of 2 accounts owed. We told them that we would pay for only one of them for now and the 2nd account is already disputed by the company and that matter has been resolved. However, the representative did not listen to us and was constantly telling us that we will have to take care of both the accounts and he said he will not allow us to pay only for one account. If this sounds absurd to you then you are going to be shocked when you hear the next part. We asked the customer rep to connect us to his supervisor so we can discuss the matter with him/her. Hearing this he started laughing very hard and started making fun of us. He even said that he will be putting our account on “refusal” mode if we keep bullying him. He hung up our call as soon as he said this statement. We were NOT bullying him; all we wanted to do was to talk to the supervisor because the rep didn’t seem like a stable person. We tried to call him after that but we were always connected to another one of the insolent agents who clearly didn’t want to help us. Those agents hung up the phone as soon as we told them our problem. They will not listen to us at all! I was finally connected to an agent who said that we were refusing them to pay the money and I clarified that I never said that, however, she didn’t want to listen to another word, she kept bantering and even shushed me. After this drama, she stated

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