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Published: 22 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In short, I was a vendor of Professional Championship Bullriders owner Robert “Bob” Sauber and he gave me a bad credit card, attempted to give me someone else’s credit card and then left me to foot the bill of his Facebook advertising for $263.70 Here’s how it happened: From 2/20/15 to 2/26/15, I created, optimized and managed a Facebook advertising campaign for Professional Championship Bullriders’ owner Robert “Bob” Sauber as well as posted several Facebook updates and Tweets. The campaign was to proote one of his many bull riding events held around the Midwest and this particular event was held Feb. 27th and Feb 28th in Rockford, Illinois. I advised him that I would bill for the time of my services following completion of the work, but that I would need to collect a credit card from him to pay Facebook directly for advertising placed during that time. He seemed like a genuine and nice person, so I made the mistake of trusting that the credit card he provided was good. However, a few days into the campaign, he texted me and advised me not to use the credit card he had given me. As I had stated when I first received it from him, I had already provided the credit card to Facebook to pay for the advertising, so I became concerned. When I logged into my Facebook Ad Manager Billing I discovered his card had been immediately declined and Facebook had defaulted to charging my own credit card for all of his advertising services. I told Bob I would immediately need a new credit card or Facebook would continue to charge me and that’s when he gave me a credit card of someone by the alleged name of “Tyler Roo.” I stated to Bob that it would be illegal for me to run another person’s credit card without his or her consent and he said it was his business partner. I told Bob I’d need to speak with this business partner before running the card and he provided me with a cell phone number. When I called the number, no one picked up and no one ever returned my call. To-date Bob has not paid me a dime for my time, which I don’t really even care about at this point, but I would like to recover the $263.70 worth of advertising for his event that he left me to pay for. The Facebook campaign resulted in more than 500 clicks to the ticket purchasing Web site and led to his ticket sales, while he just left me to pay for it out of my pocket for his own benefit. I’m not sure what type of gentleman does this to a woman small business owner, but I feel very taken advantage of. No client has ever done this to me before. I also want to make sure that all of the vendors, customers and any stakeholder involved with Professional Championship Bullriders or PCB Tour is aware of this, as I’d like to see that no one else gets left with hundreds of dollars of bills that should be paid by Bob. .

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