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Published: 25 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Never have I ever engaged with such a fraudulent company. I feel so stupid that I allowed myself to duped by such con artists. To begin there is no way to know who you’re dealing with until it’s too late. They are an “independent” personal training company that contracts with different gyms around the country. I did a free assessment test at my gym and after being intimidated and coerced into signing up for personal training sessions. I was told that my downpayment $179 would be refunded if I cancelled within 30 days. I explicitly asked the trainer “If I cancel within THIRTY days will I get my downpayment back?” He said “yes.” After 1 session and two weeks later I wanted to cancel the personal training, come to find out the cancellation period was a mere THREE days and after than you are committed for AN ENTIRE YEAR. This makes absolutely no sense at all. I confronted the trainer about that which he claims he said three days. I assertively told him no he did not, he said thirty. After a brief argument he relented and choppped it up to a “miscommunication.” I was fired up after that and thought I would call the corporate office argue a little and get my downpayment back, boy was I wrong. I was told I would need to pay a cancellation fee of $175, 25% of the full year of training $192.50, and for next month’s sessions $70. All of this plus the downpayment I alreadly put down put me at a grand total of $424. This would be a good point to remind you that I’ve only had 1 session at this point and signed up 2 weeks ago. I called again later after reading my contract (much of it is vague, nonsensical, and contradictory). After a bit of arguing they relented (a little) and offered to waive the cancellation fee and next month’s sessions, and let me out of my contract for $192.50. I sent them my letter of cancellation, but have not decided whether or not to make the payment. I began to do research and found out just how crooked and corrupt this company is. Seriously they have 200 complaint with the Better Business Bureau and their Yelp reviews are shameful. I plan to call the supervisor on Monday and beg for mercy and see how much I can get them down to. I have heard of them drafting unauthorized payments from people’s accounts and continuing processing after client’s have ended their contracts, so this makes me extremely anxious. I have also heard of them sending debt collectors and threatening to lower their credit scores. After I speak to the supervisor on Monday I will decide what to do. I might just cancel my debit card and evacuat my checking account for the time being, and they are catch me if they can. Worst comes to worst I will have to pay the $192 (Bernie Madoff’s victims lost their entire pensions and life savings so I guess I should be somewhat thankful), but I will not be silenced. I plan to file complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, possibly even Small Claims Court. Even if I end up getting screwed by these a**holes, I am going to spread the world and take down this company like non other. .

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