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Published: 21 October 2018

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Well lets start this with a deer incident. i got 7 days suspension for hitting a deer ok they said i was doing in excess of 80 miles per hour and the crew i had said i was driving like a maniac which i wasn’t and they have camera systems in these vans and a company out of california monitors amd they rate the incident 0 to 10 which 0 is not at fault period. mine was rated as 0. i was taken in for a urine sample blood drawn and locks of hair for hitting a deer that hit me. the manager and the company said in a report to the ralroad that i was a danger to them and should be banned from that railroad. i didnt know i was ” written” up for it till 6 months later and the video of the incident via their cameras disappeared. i worked for over 3 years without incident before that. now the pay ha ha joke! ok forced to work 16 to 26 hours straight ripped of on wait time that a joke. i put 120 hours in 7 days ok thats 20 hours a day on the road and my paycheck for the 1 week was 230.00 i put over 6000 miles on now that dont add up does it. wait time for that 1 week was 85 hours sitting with crews. i got out of there and whoever wants to work for that is on drugs. being forced in the bad weather where you are scared litterally to be out. beind forced to work 20 plus hours a day i was out from december 23 to december 26 the first year there they said i couldnt code off or else and i was to sleep in the vvehicle i didnt get to spend any xmas with family at all. they preach family and safety how safe is that? they will run you to death and they threaten and lie if you get written up. and a deer is an act of god you wont get a ticket for hitting a damn deer. these guys suck big time. veer for deer not supposed to just hit them but theses 2 faced bastards will say avoid or else well i am not ever going to kill myself or anyone else for a deer. stay away from this company. that is only the tip of this deal there is alot more

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