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They took a great deal of time servicing my car.

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Published: 04 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My car was used very roughly as it was the only family car we owned. Every member of my family used the car for their needs. It was time for giving a good service to my car. It’s been past 6 months since the last tune-up was done and it was about time to do it again. Since the regular service centre where my car was always taken care of was closed because the owner had shifted somewhere to the outskirts of the city. Therefore, I was looking up for a place with a friendly environment and also with a perfect service. I researched places online and after a few days, one of my friends suggested me to take my car to the ProFormance Lube Center. I still curse him for suggesting such a horrendous service centre.
I looked them up on the internet and fixed an appointment for the same day. I took my car to the place and didn’t wait much for the manager to arrive. I then tried to ask him about the expense for a total service along with the refill of oil but he stopped me and told me that the expense bar was tuck in the main door and ordered me to check it out myself. It was very rude of him but it didn’t bother me much. I selected a decent plan and went back to the manager to inform about it. He was very busy with his work and didn’t pay attention at all until I elaborated for the third time. I was then told to wait in the lobby for some time. His ‘some time’ was very long and it took an hour for the mechanic to arrive. At last, he arrived and started checking up my car. I asked him about the time that will be consumed for the total procedure to be done. He told me that it would take more than 2 hours therefore, I decided to go back home and come back after two hours.
It was just past two hours and I went there to receive my car. I went there and my car was ready but as soon as I inspected, there was a long dent on the left side of the car, this made me very angry and I complained about it to the manager to which he said to have patience and wait in the lobby until the problem is fixed. My car was then given to the spray team. They took about 40 minutes to match the colour for my car and another 20 minutes to spray. This has been the most time-consuming service I ever had. I am not looking to show up to the ProFormance Lube Center again because of the poor service and also being careless with their work. After doing the mistake they didn’t even apologize for it. The manager was very rude and his workers were not at all experienced.

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