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Provide you with a lifeless and unmaintained useless crap

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Donald

The people at Progress Residential are scamming everyone. They don’t provide you with a proper home, no. They provide you with a lifeless and unmaintained useless piece of crap. And you’ll end up paying more rent every year. Apart from that, you’ll be paying for all the utilities and maintenance of the house too.

I have lived at a place of Progress Residential for around 1 and a half years and I can tell you that my experience was disgraceful. I would like to forget the years I have spent there. My list of complaint is long.

First, their salespeople lie to you about the homes. They lie to you about the condition, the size and the facilities of the house. They claim to provide homes for all kinds of lifestyles while in reality they only provide you homes for rotten lives. The house inspectors don’t do a good job too. The house inspector who checked our home deliberately avoided the sections which were damaged.

When we moved in, we found out that the shower didn’t work. And the living room’s wall had a big hole in the wall which was patched up poorly with some plaster. We contacted them about these issues. They told us that they will send a professional to look into the matter.

We waited for weeks for someone to arrive. He finally fixed the issue but after a few months of living there, we also realized that the house had a leakage problem. We contacted these guys again and they gave the same reply.

My point is, living in one of the homes of Progress Residential is a pathetic experience. We were paying for the maintenance every month and they used to increase these charges randomly. Like they had raised the charges by $30 within 3 months. And apart from that, these people keep increasing your rent per year too.

Oh, and did I tell you how painful it was to get in touch with these people? You will have to call them 4-5 times if you want them to pick up your call. These people don’t care about their customers. No, all they care about is the money in your pocket.

I used to think that I was the only one who was dissatisfied with their service but then I read that many others have been facing similar issues with them. It’s clear Progress Residential is nothing more than a money-eating organization which preys on residential needs of the people.

They lie to you throughout the process. They lie to you at the beginning about the condition of the houses. They lie to you when they say they’ll send a professional right away. And they lie to you when they say they won’t increase the rent next year.

They draw up shady rent agreements which don’t let you see why they are charging you so much. We moved out when they increased the maintenance for the 5th time within our 15-month stay. We couldn’t afford so much rent with utilities so we left. I would advise you to stay away from these people too.

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