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People Should Avoid the Promises Treatment Center

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Published: 25 June 2019

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I pity myself when I remember what I went through at Promise treatment center. I thought rehabs are there to treat and rehabilitate those with mental issues or substance abuse. These kinds of facilities have the evidence-based treatment that helps the patients to rebuild their life. I, along with other people, have experienced unprofessional services from some of the unworthy addiction and behavioral treatment centers. A rehab like Promises treatment center is one of those unworthy rehabs who are delivering their unpolished treatments to society. People go there to get help with rebuilding their lives from addiction and other mental disorders but those goons are taking it as an advantage to make money.

People have suffered in different occasions under this unprofessional rehab. They advertise themselves on social media and T.V programs just to attract more prey into their careless hands. They talk of their great and fruitful treatments only to show their false image to the society. I get filled with rage when I remember the fake promises made to me the day I was admitted at the Promises treatment center. To hide the unethical nature they have closed some of their websites and Facebook pages where a lot of people had commented about the reality behind the fake promises. 



Whatever I encountered from Promises treatment center is really terrible. It’s my wish to alert others before they mess up. People are attracted by what they watch and hear about this unworthy place to be. This article will help people to know the reality behind this unprofessional rehab.



What is the Promises Treatment Center?



This is a mental health and addiction treatment center located in Scottsdale AZ. Their program is known for anomalous gender-separate programming, traditional therapeutic approach, inspiring setting and alternative and comprehensive therapy perspectives.


Staff Members at Promises in Scottsdale AZ

In this facility, there is quite a large number of staff members. Some of these staff members were once addicts and mentally disordered. They are not experienced and have less knowledge of addiction and mental health treatment. The staff members include Shannon McQuaid (clinical director and executive director), Michael Ahmann (medical director) Michael O’Brien (operations manager) Yvonne Crewse (primary therapist) Dejaye Botkin (primary therapist) Tanya Burch (primary therapist) Dee Romero (associate therapist) Olivia Lee (psychiatric nurse practitioner) among other members. 




About Promises’ Treatment Experience 

Promises Treatment Center lies to people that their facility is dedicated to customized treatments. They separate clients’ treatment plans so they are unable to offer effective treatment to each client. All the treatment promises made during the admission are never experienced in this facility. Their addiction treatment experience is not comprehensive and individualized as they say about their treatment plan. 

If you require addiction treatment, residential mental health or medical detox they give unworthy options that they will never experience. This facility does not offer any varying level of care that suits the specific needs of each client. Their therapies are not evidence-based, experimental or alternative to engage the clients into effective treatments.

They force the clients to choose a treatment center then enforce them to interact and express themselves into daily therapies that they are not comfortable with. These therapies include art or music therapy, equine therapy, yoga and meditation, role-playing in psychodrama sessions. All these therapies are mandatory to all the clients even if they don’t like it.

In their treatment programs, clients are just several patients present and the clinicians never work closely with them. They start the treatments without any plans, preferences or understanding someone’s addiction and mental issue background. The behavioral and medical staff are not specialized in treating addiction or mental health issues. They work for their benefit but not with a reason to transform lives.

About their aftercare support, they are not involved in the follow-up of the former clients. They promise that there will be an alumni support which includes special events, workshops, and meetings to encourage them to remain connected to the recovery.


My Admission at Promises Treatment Center Scottsdale

I was admitted at Promises Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona for an alcohol addiction treatment program. I had struggled with alcohol addiction for many years which made my body weak and caused me depression. I needed help to transform my life so I came across Promises rehab and their website. The details about this facility were as promising to me as their name suggests. The information about their professional treatment programs gave me hope to heal my mind, body, and spirit. Their expensive fees were not a bother to me because I had spent and lost more due to alcohol addiction. I hoped and believed their so-called alternative, comprehensive and evidence-based treatment approach will help me through the tough journey to rebuilding my life.




I got 30-days admission which in my drunkard mind thought that my life will change. Little did I know that this was the beginning of suffering. The staff was very welcoming and the place itself looked cool but suddenly things turned red when I signed the inpatient admission form. I was issued with a patient’s attire that made me feel like I had just joined a hospital ward or some kind of prison. My phone and other items including the civilian clothes were locked in a patient’s locker where I would pick them up on my release. I couldn’t imagine staying without a mobile phone in a new and unfriendly environment. I was told that these restrictions would help in cutting the communication with my drunkard friends.

There was an extensive interview in which my counselor asked me questions about my alcohol addiction and my goals. The counselor seemed friendly but took my answers and opinions for granted. He never added something nor did he mention anything to do with their customized plan to be implemented specifically to lead me to my recovery.

The life in the Promises Treatment Center was tougher than I expected. I never experienced anything helpful to meet my recovery needs. I spent time in peer groups and the only thing I found helpful there were just funny jokes from the participants which at least put a smile on my stressful face. I had started craving on alcohol and so I did all I could to get a tot or two but trials were a failure. During the nights, the corridor entrances were always locked like prison gates so I or my fellow clients could not get an escape route. The place was more of a prison to me. Everything at Promise Treatment Center was misery with silly and enforced rules.



Up to date, I regret wasting my $60,000 to attend a rehabilitation center that did not know addiction and mental issues treatments. There is a day I and some of my fellow patients planned an escape but unfortunately, our plan did not succeed. That was a bad luck night to us because the security team caught us red-handed and what followed was a severe punishment from the rehab disciplinary committee. I am full of rage when I remember that nasty moment in Promises Treatment Center.

Promises Scottsdale is the worst story of my life. The 30 days were over but I felt the same urge to take alcohol. I missed my old drunkard friends and I was craving for some cold vodka or whiskey. In that situation, I felt stupid about spending a lot to pay for my “imprisonment” in the Promises treatment Scottsdale facility. I wished if I knew I could have spent all the $60,000 to buy a stock of wines and spirits than wasting it on unworthy issues and leaving the management of my company to someone I never trusted.

I was discharged and no counselor ever followed-up my recovery progress. I moved on with my alcoholism but later I found a professional and experienced addiction treatment center. At that new rehab, I found friendly and professionals who were willing to save lives from addictions and mental health disorders. Their dedication played I vital role in reforming my life at an affordable price and now I am enjoying my sobriety for over 6 months. At Promises Treatment Center I lost my money and wasted my time. 


Reviews from Other Victims

The bitter truth is that a lot of people have suffered at Promises Treatment Center in Scottsdale, AZ. This facility is still admitting more and more patients for their unprofessional and shoddy treatments which are not evidence-based or fruitful. The mistreatments and mishandling of addiction and mentally disordered patients have made a lot of people regret seeking help for themselves, friends and relatives. The society does not know the reality behind the beautiful environments and walls of Promises Treatment Center. They end up falling into admission but later regrets over what they receive since it is different from their expectations.





This rehab’s customer service is very poor. Many of their clients have complained about the loss of money caused by predatory customer care. They take payment deposit from the clients and if the service is canceled they do not refund the money back to the clients. If the clients call to claim for a refund they never answer their calls. This rehab is full of monsters who are money-oriented and they don’t care about the rights of their clients. Going in this rehab is just a waste of money because if you reach a point that you want to cancel their service your money won’t be refunded.




There are complains and reviews from some of the Promises Treatment Center, former employees. The truth is that this facility has poor management staff who treat their employees and patients as their working tools. Some employees retired from this rehab but they never received their retirement benefits, pay raises or the pensions. The services at this facility are very poor because the management is not accounted for in training their staff on how to handle their patients. Other employees at this facility are not experienced because they were once addicts or had mental issues. So some of the former employees were not happy working with such inexperienced workers.





What to Expect at Promises Treatment Centre in Scottsdale AZ



On your first day of admission at this facility you will be welcomed, assured and promised a lot concerning their treatments. They will use a devious language and take a chance to put you in their addiction and mental disorder treatment program. The staff will always keep intact with you with loads of calls and emails to make sure that you visit their terrible facility. Their approach is just to create an imaginary picture of their facility. Once you get into their trap all the promises made turns to a regretful and chronic affair.

You will be treated like a prisoner and you won’t have any right to do things in your way. They will take your mobile phone and keep it for you claiming that you might associate with your bad company which may hinder effective recovery. If you get a chance to use your phonethe private calls and messages will be accessed by the staff.They enforce prescriptions that are not necessary and if you ask they will arrogantly answer you that they are professional clinicians and know what they are doing.

The descriptions on their website are very different from what they offer at the pathetic rehab. The meals are much processed and unhealthy. The beds are not comfortable and you will be forced to do laundry and cleaning the rooms. They don’t have hired cooks instead the patients are allocated duties to cook and serve the meals. Everything they promise is a vice-versa of what you will experience there. You will lose your money and also waste your time and energy working for them.



Promises Treatment Center is a fraud scheming the society of their addiction and medical disorder treatment but they are there to make money. It is so disappointing that this unpolished rehab is offering unworthy treatments to serious-case disorders. Addiction can cause death or unlawful actions in society if not properly taken care of. This kind of unexperienced mental health and addiction treatment facilities should not be legalized in society.

If there are victims who ever encountered pitiful treatments from this horrible rehab should come out and let others know the reality behind Promises Treatment Center. They have caused many people to relapse after the unworthy treatments offered by their unexperienced ex-addicts clinicians. They should stop hiring people who do not know mental health or addiction treatments. If they continue delivering this kind of unskilled mental health treatments people will continue losing and suffering. 

The society has different opinions on the legal actions to be enforced to this kind of predatory facility that offer nonsensical treatments. This haphazard rehab called Promises Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona should be banned and closed to save lives. They have no passion deserved to serve society. Some of mental health treatment centers are committed with compassion to life transformations and the irregular facilities should give space to these superlative and organized centers.




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