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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Follow my advice: NEVER WORK FOR PRONTO INSURANCE. The organization promotes favouritism and there is nothing stopping it. The management is cruel and doesn’t hesitate in using bad language in the office. You will lose your self-esteem and feel like a piece of crap when you’ll start working here. Those who are able to lick the boots of the management get to enjoy plenty of benefits. Those people don’t get forced to overwork. They also don’t have to do their own share of work. Why? That’s ‘cause you’ll be doing the stuff for them. When they are busy running errands for the bosses, you will be running after clients and generating leads for them and for their account. The flexible work hours are nothing but blasphemy. You will be forced to work more than 10 hours a day because 3 other employees are busy running errands for different bosses. And don’t think your hard work will get noticed. I can say all this because I faced all of these problems. And that too to the fullest extent. I had to work a lot and most of my credit used to go to the other insurance salesmen. I didn’t get my full commissions in my entire stint at Pronto Insurance. Not only is this organization full of favouritism fans but it is also a promoter of unethical practices. When I was working there, I was told by my superiors to get a sale by hook or by crook. They told me that they only needed the numbers and they didn’t care about the customers. I was supposed to lie to people and sell them useless policies only for the sake of earning a handsome commission check. At first, I didn’t follow this tactic. But many products I was supposed to sell under Pronto Insurance were useless and wasteful. I had to lie to people. And when I went to get my check, I saw that around 50-60% of my commissions were sent to other salesmen. When I raised this issue with the accounts team they told me that I should contact the management. My boss simply told me that the person receiving my commission deserved a little support and that he was not as good as me so I should be a little generous. That was okay for the first month but it didn’t stop. Like I told you before, I never got to receive my 100% commissions from these people. They were always split up and sent to other salespeople. I was toiling day and night and my earning were going in the pockets of lazy bastards who knew nothing more than the favourite coffee flavour and the pooping schedule of the boss. I can’t tolerate such a pathetic and deranged organization. If you are ready to sell your soul and live a life without self-respect then you’re welcome here. Otherwise, I would advise against it. Don’t join this place even in your worst nightmare. I hope my story will help others in realizing the reality behind Pronto Insurance and its work environment.

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