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Published: 29 February 2020

Posted by: Knowledge=Power

Addlefields Limited Company No. [protected] is associated by hook or by crook with the following companies either by directors or senior staff members – after a little digging here is a history and reasons of why to avoid them. Property Concepts Uk Limited Company No. [protected] in liquidation being dealt with by Alexander Lawson Jacobs Limited. You need to contact ALJ if Property Concepts owe you money – its called a declaration of interest. Addlefields Limited – Company No. [protected] is currently still in existence but is likely to be dissolved and/or in liquidation soon Act quickly if they owe you money. Submit an account of what they owe you and monitor them on Companies House. If they go into liquidation their registered office on companies house will change and you will be able to google that address and find out what accoutancy firm is dealing with their liquidation and submit a declaration of interest for the amounts owed. You may stand a chance in getting your money back but there will be a long list and the tax man comes first. The above companies are associted with by hook or by crook now formed the following companies Chruchill Butler (Inventories) and Castle White (Cleaning) there is also Oakleighs (Maintenance) in fairness they may not be the same people but approach with extreme caution certainly never ever be in situation where they have an obligation of payments to you or have control of your money – you have been warned. The services of Addlefields are overpriced and disorganised their prices often rise without explanation you will spend more time questioning their work than enjoying he benefits of the work. None of the companies above hold any membership to any industry approved trade bodies and they will send out a contractor that will charge for visit but just report back that you need to employ a qualified professional! Also beware of the Names Craig Davidson / Darren Russell / Andrew Carlton they are possibly the same person who has various fraudulent identities in order to avoid being caught for ripping everyone off these names are associated with the above companies. Research also shows that they are employing vulnerable and inexperienced staff who have been subject to non payment, bullying and abuse. The companies above are the type that open, rip off customers and staff don’t pay anyone, then when they can’t handle it close up shop (go into liquidation) then form a new company and the circle starts again leaving a trail of grief behind them. Hopefully not reading this kicking yourself but if so and they owe you take note of the first few lines about going into liquidation and declarations of interest. If you have not used them – DON’T Hoping to help others – Knowledge is Power!

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