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Published: 30 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have communicated with Prosper so many times to reduce the interest rate on my account since going on active duty, I could write a novel. They have failed to honor the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, and its AMAZING how many times a manager has entered my request as “urgent” for upper-level review by a different department, yet NOTHING gets done. To bring everyone to the same page, when a servicemember has a loan that originates BEFORE going on active duty (I am a Reservist), per Federal Law and the SCRA a lender must reduce the interest to 6% (or less if they so choose), refund any charged interest over 6% to the account, and not add any amount over 6% to the end of the loan. I went on active duty 1 month after the loan originated in August. I have provided all documentation IN SEPTEMBER. I have kept copious notes on every exchange with Prosper since then, and have received different stories every time I have contact them. In fact, they DENIED my request after the 6th time I contacted them. They apparently cannot read their own loan history, as they claimed my loan originated AFTER I went on active duty. By any calendar (Julian, Gregorian, Lunar, etc), September comes AFTER August. Pathetic. I talked to several managers since then, who have all agreed that there was no reason to deny my request to reduce my interest rate. Yet amazingly enough, when I contacted Prosper AGAIN this week, they claim they couldn’t read my documentation from my most recent email. I find that to be a rather convenient and insulting way to be evasive, AGAIN, as they already HAVE all my documentation. Steer clear of these clowns. They are full of lies, exploit servicemembers and don’t even have the backbone to honor their service by following THE LAW. I will be contacting my legal office. My legal representation is free and it is within my right to pursue action. I’m sure they have plenty of lawyers on retainer, but social media is a powerful tool as well. .

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