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Published: 15 March 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was very excited when I finally sold off my old car (which I’d been having for the better part of a decade) and got a new one. My wife and I had just had a baby, and we were looking for a car that considered safety as an important feature. We wanted to drive safe every time when we went out in the baby, and the baby chair wasn’t all that we were thinking about. In fact, we started looking for car models that would work for us even before my wife gave birth to our daughter.

On the night of February 16th, my wife and I were out visiting her sister. It was our first long drive with the baby, and we were pretty psyched about it. She was sleeping for most of the ride but we still had a great time. We started back home after dinner at about 9:30. At around 12:15, when we were cruising along the road at a good speed, a truck came out of nowhere and almost hit us. Luckily, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and I swerved before we were actually hit. Still, our car’s side scraped along the front of the truck, and both wheels on that side were punctured. It was after 12, and the truck driver didn’t even bother to stop. He just sped up and left. I bet he was drunk, the asshole.

We were in shock. We were breathing hard, and we didn’t even know what to do. Then I realized that our car had warranty. We’d registered with Protect My Car almost as soon as we bought the car, and I knew mechanical issues were part of the deal. I was so happy I remembered. I called them at 727 530 0973 and told them where we were. They said they would send someone soon. We couldn’t sit inside the car for long, as we came outside and sat on the curb. The baby started crying pretty soon, and we were miserable, standing there on the road. It was 1 AM, and we hadn’t been contacted by anyone. No one else had passed by on that road in all that time. And Protect My Car hadn’t even called back to try and locate us. I called them again. A different person picked up the phone this time. Once again, I had to go through the process of everything everything from our location to what had happened and how long we had been waiting. She put us on hold for a couple of minutes. When she came back on the line, she told us that our warranty covered mechanical issues, but not hit and run cases.

I was so mad. What the actual fuck these people were thinking I have no clue. First they tell me that they will send someone to get me, and then they just completely ignore that? I’ve been paying them $81 per month ever since I got my car. Plus I gave them a down payment of around $150 too, when I signed the contract. We made it home at 5 in the morning that day, and it was the worst night of my life.

I wasn’t going to let these bastards go after what they had put me and my family through. I called them at 3 PM the next day, only to be told that I would have to call back because the people belonging to the complaint department were in a meeting. I called back in an hour, and got the same answer. Which company does this? Their customer service is non-existent, I swear. They have no regard for what happens to you, so long as you pay them every month. That’s all they care about – the money. They will not protect your car. They will say one thing and then completely deny having said that.

When I finally got in touch with someone from the department, they apologized and said that I could pay a reduced amount of $71 for the remaining period of my warranty. $10! That’s what they were going to give me after what they had put me through, when I was stranded with an infant!

I am so going to sue these people. In the meanwhile, if you value your safety and your car, then you’ll stay far away from Protect My Car.

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