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stopped going there after they did a negligent crowning!

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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Helen

I used to be a regular patient at Provident Dentistry. Due to their pathetic treatment, I had to get a whole other treatment to get rid of the side effects. The dentists at Provident Dentistry are pathetic, ill-minded and stupid. They have no knowledge of treating patients and their silly mistake cost me a tooth. Not only did they cause a lot of damage to my teeth but I also had to pay a lot to get my teeth treated. I shouldn’t have trusted their online reputation. Now I know that the internet is full of lies and crap. I was fooled by their website. The way these people claim to be professionals, caring and experts, I couldn’t have thought they can make mistakes in a simple dental crown. They had urged me multiple times to get a dental crown for my root canal. The root canal, I had gotten it at another clinic. I had started visiting this place for a few weeks and when the dentist noticed that my root canal didn’t have a dental crown yet, he started urging me to get one. I got one and it was a horrible mistake. Apparently, those people had cemented the crown with some margins, which caused a leak. And this led to the growth of infection. The past dentist hadn’t recommended a crown because according to her, my tooth still was pretty much intact. I had thought so too, but the dentist at Provident Dentistry thought otherwise. He was urging me all the time to get a proper dental crown. And when I did get one from him, I ended up with an infection. I went back to my other dentist for treating that infection. Clearly, this place is a mess. The dentists here have no knowledge of dental treatments or hygiene or anything else. All they care about is money. I didn’t need any dental crowns but they lied to me and urged me to get one. And when they did give me a dental crown on my RCT, they messed it up. If I hadn’t visited my old dentist, I might have suffered from a more serious disease. These dental infections aren’t any normal thing. They are in fact, quite dangerous. I’m lucky that I was in touch with another dentist. But you shouldn’t make the mistake of coming to this place. There’s something seriously wrong with Provident Dentistry. Maybe they are nothing but a sham. Maybe all they do is lie and deceive people into thinking they are some experts while the reality is much different and horrific. The dentists here are fools and if they can’t even do a dental crown properly, then I doubt if they can do other treatments well. I haven’t gone back to that place since and I’m not planning to do that either. I just hope my story helps you in making an informed decision because there are only positive reviews present online.

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