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Provinziano and Associates will do nothing for you

I only had $5000 left with me when I hired Provinziano and Associates to represent me in the matter of my divorce. I was extremely distressed by this point. The family assets were easily to the tune of one million dollars. And thanks to these crooks, I had to settle for $30,000. They accepted everything that the opposing councils demanded. I had actually been offered $10,000 more before I hired them. In the end, I didn’t see any of the money they had “won” me. So I decided to fire them, when they actually had the nerve to call me and tell me they wouldn’t be representing me anymore. They told me they had spent $800 more than the retainer!
They bill you for literally everything under the sun. They don’t care about how they look as long as they get your money. I would have been satisfied if they had at least done a decent job after taking all that money from me. But no. They did nothing at all to safeguard my interests, which is primarily what they said they would do.
Their invoice was ridiculous. I called the office so many times, even though I never got to talk to anyone. But I was still billed for leaving a message with the receptionist. I had talked to Al Provinziano all of one time. The other times, his office told me that they will pass on the message and that’s about it. They charged me $150 each of those times. I swear, if they want you to spell your name for them, they will probably charge you for that too.
I have all these phone calls recorded. I sent them the $5,000 electronically. When I finally met with Al, he told me that they hadn’t done anything because they wanted to hire a private eye to find her and they couldn’t. I had explicitly told them where she would be. But they said they couldn’t do it like that! Isn’t that what these people are paid to do?! They could have at least sent a notice to her attorney.
A month after I hired these frauds, I was left homeless. They hadn’t even contacted her attorney even though they had all the details they needed. They begged me to sign an SOA because they knew I was out of money. I signed, and they immediately billed me for another $5,000! I’m definitely filing a complaint with the state bar.

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