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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

PSA DNA is guilty of Conflict of interest. Major shareholders in this company are autograph dealers Bob eaton owner of RR Autograph Auctions John Reznikoff owner of University archives another AUTOGRAPH company as well as other overzealous, greedy , ambitious, dishonest, untrustworthy individuals who wish to truly DOMINATE the world of collecting AUTOGRAPHS. PSA DNA serves the public as a third party authenticator of Autographs . As such, they have a duty to remain 100% neutral. This is not possible due to the fact that PSA DNA is controlled by individuals, who wish to “”DOMINATE”” the autograph industry . There are other authenticators with decent reputations such as TTA , STAT , GAI , Drew Max (Drew Max is a frequent guest on a TV show about collectibles called PAWN STARS ) . PSA DNA has engaged in a concerted effort to declare their competitive competition of known authenticators as incompetent. PSA has been instrumental in getting every major authenticator BANNED from eBay . PSA DNA has been actively POLICING eBay for forgeries having such items pulled “”AT WILL””. Those sellers of autographs lucky enough to escape having items randomly pulled have received letters from an Attorney from Staten Island NY. These letters are full of legal debunkery that basically accuse eBay sellers of autographs with “”PREDATORY PRICING”” . The big boys not only decide what will be deemed authentic, but the big boys also call the shots as far as pricing goes. These letters offer a solution in which the eBay seller agrees to a specific pricing structure and give a percentage of each sale to the BIG GUY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE…Bobby !!! Recently, PSA DNA has been the focus of an FBI investigation regarding an Auction House , Mastronnet. Bill Mastro has been arrested and his auction house shut down in a fraud case involving a baseball item AUTHENTICATED BY PSA DNA. AUTOGRAPH MAGAZINE LIVE is a defamatory spin site run by Steven Cyrkin. All the contributors are the Big Boys that run the Authentication Firm , known as PSA DNA. On this site they make fun of PAWN STARS AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATOR, DREW MAX. ( John Resnikoff appeared on only one episode and flundered by misidentifying an Al Pacino item. The BIG BOYS lost their foothold on that show when “”JOHN”” was not asked back again. PSA DNA has a large data base of autographs they use to compare. The reason they never have the same opinion as other Autograph Authenticators is because PSA has a data base of John Eaton forgeries . It is a well known fact that Mr John Eaton forged a considerable amount of material. Eaton was released from a Florida prison in 2011. He had been in Jail for Fraud, Forgery, and Identity theft. John Eaton currently lives in Milford New Hampshire. PSA recently authenticated hundreds of xeroxed (copied) signatures of Tyrus Cobb. They got caught on this one. Could PSA be a Forgers best friend ?



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