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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I live in a rather small apartment, so my baby doesn’t have the chance to run around much, I try to take her out as much as I can during the day, but being as energetic as she is, is almost impossible to get her tired. I had to go out of town for an event, and I just knew none of my friends would take care of Sasha for me, no one except me knew how to deal with her energy, so I had to look for a service that would take good care of her. I found this place following some recommendations, and it looked great, they had beautiful spaces, professional caregivers, it was just what I was looking for.
Sasha was really excited on her first visit, I made sure to take my time explaining all of her needs because I wanted to make sure they would really tire her out, but the guy looked so bored, he didn’t pay attention at all. I should’ve requested for someone else, or do something about this guy, but I had to go that same day and couldn’t wait any longer, I should’ve never entrusted my precious dog to these people.
They said they could send me pictures and videos of her while I was away, so that calmed me a little. The first couple of days went by just fine, the videos and pictures showed my Sasha being the happiest dog in the world, running around with other dogs. Then the 4th day there was a change in the event, instead of working 8 hours I went up to work 12, I barely got time to sleep, so I couldn’t take much time to watch her photos and videos, though I noticed they had stopped sending pictures, there were just videos now.
I found that weird, but I didn’t think of it as something bad. I went there on the 8th day to pick up my baby, and they kept me waiting for 2 hours; finally, this guy approaches me, he looks very nervous and starts apologizing for no apparent reason, I had to stop him so I could ask what was going on.
I was shocked by his words, they had lost my precious pet 4 days ago, and they didn’t tell me. Supposedly, they took her for a walk that day, and she ran away, they searched but couldn’t find her anywhere. They were going to give me a refund for the 4 days she was not there, but I was not letting them out of the hook. I checked the videos they had sent me, and they all showed around 4 dogs playing around, one of them kinda looked like my Sasha, so I didn’t notice it wasn’t actually there, they had also lowered the quality so it would be harder to notice.
I called the police and filed all the necessary information for them to be investigated. Luckily for me, this story has a happy ending since they refunded the whole package I had paid, and the police helped me find my baby, starving behind a dumpster. We are back together, and I’m never leaving her with anybody else, ever.

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