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Please stay away from such fitness centers, it didn’t benefit me in any way.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I suffered from a bad injury deadlifting recently. I am a person who always wants to stay fit, therefore I work out almost every day. A few days ago I injured myself while doing an exercise. It affected with crippling low back pain along with bad unilateral hip pain. I consulted my family doctor immediately, after a few x-ray’s I came to know about my problem and he suggested me to consult a physiotherapist. After taking suggestions from my friends and family members I decided to make an appointment with the physicians of the PT square, the main reason behind this was that the physician would also come home if you have any functional mobility or travel issues. I chose a personal physiotherapist for the betterment of my pain, but it was the worst decision that I ever took. By this experience, I realized that not every physiotherapist is perfect or fit for every patient. My therapist was not clicking up with me. You have to get familiar with your therapist and share your problems and issues you are facing but my therapist was kind of an introvert, it was around a week since he was coming but I didn’t even know his name. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable with my therapist and didn’t have any positive therapeutic relationship with him. Most importantly he didn’t listen to me most of the times, I had an idea that how things should be done but he was always facing difficulty to stray from those ideas and methods. He might be biased to certain treatment methods, but sometimes those specific methods don’t work for every patient, not in my case though. He had many other problems, one of them was not coming in the time given and being absent for several consecutive days. My back problems didn’t give me any kind of positive response. I came to know that my therapist got paid by third-party insurance carriers, he filed an insurance claim by the third party department. This was wrong and he never informed me before while making payments. I consistently noted improper charges and billings made by him. He never used ultrasound or traction or any kind of massage done by machines, he always provided me with passive treatments. Passive treatments may only serve to make you dependent on your physical therapist but active treatment helps to give you control over your situation. My therapist was probably a busy person, he also had other patients online and had to manage them on time too. So he did my treatment very quickly and always was in a hurry. He only scheduled 15 minutes for me, which was not enough. After all these complications I had to change my therapist and I would never suggest anyone from choosing a physiotherapist from the PT square. They are not at all good at their work and probably they are all fresher’s and not have a good experience in their work.

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