Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa Review

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Published: 03 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Don’t buy, they’re thieves!! They’ll keep your money, tell you that they disclosed everything and the contract does not include and disallows almost all representations made during their high pressure sales tactics. They kept serving drink after drink (whether requested or not) to the point i signed documents without reading them because i was incapable of doing so. I also trusted Julie Kuhlmann who is an incredible liar. Everything seems so wonderful while they’re giving their pitch but the contracts say something different from the presentation. I tried contacting them upon my return but they don’t give you phone numbers, only the sales person’s personal email. I sent an email to the sales rep Julie Kuhlmann regarding the discrepancies and misrepresentations and she said it was buyer’s remorse and that i was excited in Cabo. I contacted Barclays bank since who supposedly issued the credit card was through but it’s actually rci elite rewards d/b/a Bank of America. B of A is a company i have refused to do business with for over 35 years and had i known it was affiliated with b of a that would have been the end of it . After speaking with Barclays they informed me that they are not affiliated with PB Sunset Beach or RCI Elite Rewards. Not sure how that can be when you’re told it’s a Barclays credit card. The sales person does not reveal that the $399 (application fee) is non-refundable. In fact, they already took the money and had that document signed after the fact. Barclays gave me a number for PB Sunset Beach in Arizona but of course, that number’s just another sales pitch, that the representative can not provide any information other than the “free” offer and then it disconnects you. They also charged a $990 loan origination fee for a $6000 credit card. I’ve never paid origination fees on a home mortgage. Additionally, there’s a cardholder statement that says pueblo bonito can keep your down payment, approximately 30% of the purchase, confirmed by Barclays. The only thing that was fast about the entire presentation was signing documents because they want you out of there. I’ve already filed a dispute with Barclays. I’m going to continue to fight this. It’s dishonest, fraudulent and usury.

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