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being run by a bunch of crooks and you should stay away!

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Published: 11 May 2019

Posted by: Ellen

They steal money from their customers and provide shitty services. I went to Puffer Dental for getting a simple teeth whitening treatment. I paid them through my dental plan, which covered the treatment and they were even giving me a special discount for using that dental plan as the payment method. This seemed like a great deal to me and I just kept using my dental plan for my future dental appointments as well. In the beginning, I was more than happy with the people at Puffer Dental. Even though the dentist was a little inexperienced and had many issues in doing simple procedures, I coped with that, because I was receiving a good discount on the treatments. What I didn’t know was that all of their smiling faces were just a mask to distract me from realizing that they were scamming me. They are going to get you comfortable with their services and billing, and then they are going to defraud you. These bastards were secretly created fake bills and kept using my credit card to get the money! They charged me 5 times for the teeth whitening treatment, FIVE FUCKING TIMES! I was charged more than $500 for ONE TEETH WHITENING SESSION! When I received my credit card bill, I was completely thunderstruck. When I contacted Puffer Dental about this issue, they said,” We don’t know what you are talking about ma’am, your accusations are totally false and we are sad to hear that you didn’t like our services” I didn’t even MENTION anything about their services. I’m sure that they sent me a pre-written email, which they send to all of their victims. I tried calling them but no one ever picked up the call. I left them many messages and got NO REPLY to any of them. I felt like a moron. I was robbed and there was nothing I could do about it. I used to think that Puffer Dental was a great dental clinic and my assumptions were shattered after this experience. I would have become their repeat customer, however, after something like this, I would never go there. I would suggest that everyone from Nacogdoches should keep away from Puffer Dental. This is a really selfish and scamming business that should be closed down. I don’t understand why they are doing such pathetic deeds and robbing innocent people. One thing is for sure if they keep this up, this place is going to go down pretty soon. These scammers did not even give me a refund of any kind, I asked them if they could just check if there was an issue in their accounting department and they just REFUSED to do that. Just stay away from shady businesses like Puffer Dental and you wouldn’t have to face such frustrating and demoralizing incidents. I would suggest that you try other dental clinics in Nacogdoches. I personally go to XXXXXXX, they provide much better services than Puffer Dental and they are not stealing money from my credit card either.

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