Puget Sound Psychiatry

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Puget Sound Psychiatry is known for insurance scamming

I had the worst experience with Puget Sound Psychiatry. I’m writing this so that other people know better than to go to these people. What they run is an insurance scam. They start out by telling you that there is no copay. They do this simply so that you will get in the door. The bookkeeper was the one who told me that they would take my insurance. The whole place is run by Dr. Mustafa and Dr. Amir, who will tell you that your insurance covers the visits.
But six months later, I got a bill for $641! It was due immediately. I called up my insurance people and demanded to know why they didn’t pay the bill. They told me it was because my doctor had taken them out of their network back in July, which was six months ago. I was NOT informed about this.
I also had to pay an additional $45 every month because it turns out I DO have to give money for the copay they repeatedly told me I wouldn’t have to pay. I don’t know if you need any more proof to be convinced that this is an insurance scam, from start to finish.

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