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Published: 22 September 2018

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Received a phone call from Kevin Miller, Financial Director for Puntacana Financial Group Service, Contractor for RCI-Timeshare Company on 7/2/15. He stated that he wanted me to upgrade (or lease/resale) my RCI weekend getaways to the Coke Corperation. He continued to explain to me how this work and how much money we could make by doing this. I asked him if he could send me any information about the contract and how much money we would have to put down. He provided me with the company’s e-mail address. He sent several e-mails to confirm that it was valid. I asked that he provide me with something in writing and he did, send me a sample contract. (Which, can be made available upon request.) The e-mail was from a Henry Martinez. He wanted me to review the contract and provide a closing cost which would be refunded upon the signing of the Corperate contract, which was currently pending, once I provided the funds for the exteded getaways, either $450.00 for 10 Weeks or $745.00 for 15 Weeks. I then ask, whether we could pay with the RCI, credit cards listed within our accounts and he stated that unfortunately we could not and that we would have to use Western Union (WU) to transfer the funds. I asked, why was this since we had a valid RCI account and he stated that the corperate accounts were only set up for money transfers. At this time of the conversation I told Mr Miller that I wasn’t confortable with using WU, for my RCI account and would have to make arrangements to secure the funds from my bank. He then, began to explain my options for completing the transactions and who to send the money to in Puntacana, DR: Raymon Antonio Jimenez-Almanzar. I researched completing this WU transaction online, with my WU-Account and found that by completing this transaction online could take up to 3-5 business days. I then, contacted Kevin Miller by phone to make him aware of my findings. He then asked that I go to the nearest WU location to complete the transfer. I then went to the local WU office in Bloomfield Hills, MI on Woodward Ave at Square Lake Rd., to complete the transaciton. Upon my return home I contacted Mr Miller to advise him of the limitations on my bank’s debit card transaction, he recomended that I complete sending the funds in the early morning of 7/3/15 before 9:00 A.M.– I responded that this would be fine and would contact him in the morning. (Additional Details May Be Provided Upon Request On This Transaction.) On 7/3/15, I contacted the RCI office and related the above information and that stated that it is illegal to resale/lease any getaway weekends to anyone other than the registered account holders and that they have never heard of the above company or any of the individuals mentioned as well. I spoke with Rachel, customer service supervisor and provided her with all the related information. I then contacted the WU-Fraud Services and reported the information to them as well, spoke with a Brad- ID 026, fraud services and he opened a case 1199315. (My intentions are to contact the FTC, BBB, and file a local police report as well.

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