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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The Puppy Barn is a highly unethical business. They are a third party that purchases puppies from backyard breeders and puppy mills, yet they advertise their puppies as coming from “home raised breeders” with no further explanation. Facebook is their main source of advertising, yet whenever anyone specifically requests more information about their practices, their comment is either deleted, or they are given a vague “call us and we’ll walk you through the process.” I have called numerous times and have been given little to no information about where they get their puppies from. Others have physical proof that at least some of the puppies are coming from deplorable conditions. They recently brought in a litter of Mastiff puppies. The parents of the puppies were found being sold on an online classified ad. The photos showed a disgusting, dirty and unsafe backyard that these puppies were living in. There have been numerous reports of sick puppies being sold by the Puppy Barn. Instead of refunding money, the Puppy Barn will try to exchange for a different puppy. When pressed for a refund, the Puppy Barn refused. Puppy Barn uses false advertising practices. They stole a picture of a puppy from Pintrest and tried to pass it off as a Beagle that they were selling. After receiving huge backlash from the local animal rescue community, they began to advertise their puppies as being up for “adoption”. They try to fool the public into thinking they are reescuing animals. They also frequently bend the truth about the background of their puppies, and even their breeds. They have unethical selling practices. They have sold puppies to minors (without parental consent) and refused to take the puppies back after the parents refused to allow the children to keep the dog(s). They also do not screen their customers, so there have been dozens of puppies that have ended up on online classified sites or shelters because people often buy these puppies on impulse, and regret the decision a few days later. The Puppy Barn refuses to take these puppies back, and has openly admitted to depending on local shelters and rescues to take their unwanted sold puppies (note: shelters and rescues are always full, so this puts a huge strain on an already strained industry).

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