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Published: 28 March 2019

Posted by: cathycox211

*warning* We purchased a puppy, supposedly a pure breed, siberian husky from debbie. Koda is absolutely a beautiful puppy inside and out. Awesome personality. However that being said… What a nightmare it has turned out to be and it will be ongoing for her whole life. It started with her having diarrhea since the day we got her. Debbie claims neither of koda”s parents have any allergies to food or sensitivity to anything else. She told me to change her food that it is just too rich for her. At first I did that and have tried several different foods even going all the way to perscription foods at $50+ for a 17# bag. Nothing has worked!!! So then we are off to the vet yet again when she starts loosing all of her fur, and we found out that she has demodectic mange which is caused by a compromised immune system!!! There is no cure for the immune system and it will take months and months of daily treatment just to stop the loss of fur caused by the demodectic mange, that will recurr anytime she gets stressed. And she now has seizures as well!!! And lets not forget the fact that the vet has informed me that she needs to be fixed so she does not breed as it will be passed onto her pups should she have any as it is inherited!!! I never received any of the paperwork for registration or or guarantee as she has repeatedly said were sent out to me. Never, never, never again!!! Do not go through her!!!

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