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Published: 26 February 2020

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Dear M/s Puregold, Good Day. I am writing to complain my experience about the service and the quality of your product in Dubai Mall Branch. First of all, i want to give a highlight in this complain to the behavior of one of your Sales person named “Adel” for being rude and raising his voice when speaking with the Customer. 1st Product (got on April and the diamond fell down twice within month of July) – I got an engagement ring from Puregold Dubai Mall and the stone fell down which i am not aware of. I asked our office boy to search around the office and luckily, he got it back. i have it repaired in Dubai Mall Branch. i am checking the ring from time to time whenever i am wearing it and notice that again, the diamond is moving, so i brought it back to the store and showed to this “Adel” and he is insisting that the ring was ok. i showed the ring to another sales person, and when he moved it, the diamond fell from the ring. Please highlight that i felt in his reaction when i was showing the ring to the other sales man, is that he was irritated and his brows was raising little bit. My initial reaction to this is that i got angry to “Mr. Adel” and telling him i came here with this complaint and you are insisting that there is nothing wrong with the ring. what if i lost it and did not find anymore? are you going to replace it? so Dubai Mall Branch accepted it and repaired. When one guy called me that the ring is available to collect, i had an argument again when i told him to make sure that the ring is really okay and he is telling me that maybe i have a hard job that”s why the diamond keeps on falling. (what does he meant with i have a hard job?). I asked the name of the person with whom i am speaking with and he said his name was Adel. – Please understand my side that this is an engagement ring where ladies should not be removing this even we wash dishes or whatever. in my case, i always remove when i reach home and still this is happening. 2nd product: I got this ring from Puregold souk in Deira. and have it repaired twice (the last receipt of the repair is attached). This is the latest repair i had in Dubai Mall Branch. I brought the ring last Nov. 8 and told me that they will call me within 3 days to collect the ring and nobody called me so i went last thrusday to collect in but then when Adel gave me the ring, the missing diamond was not replaced. My friend already reacted knowing that i am always going to the shop for repairs of my rings. She told to this Adel that they have to check the items because they quality is very bad. Then this Adel tell us in return with irritated voice that “i am already helping you. i will send back to the Workshop and i am not the one who receive this.” as a customer, we will speak in general that once we told him to check it doesnt mean only him. it is for the whole store. i repliead to him that it is not help from your side. this is your responsibility to assist us. and he raised his voice to me saying that i am helping you right? is it not help? i got so angry with how he is communicating with us and told him that he should not raise his voice to the customer. This behavior is totally not acceptable so i got the name of this person. he did it not only once but this is the third time. as much as possible i am trying to avoid this guy but everytime i am coming to the store, he is the only available person. I am requesting Puregold to please educate your staff in dealing with your Customers whatever Nationality, quantity or values of the jewelry purchased from the store. I really have a bad experience in your store. Thank you and hoping that Puregold will make a necessary action in this regard. maybe if this incident will happen again i will not be able to stop myself to complain in the Cosumer”s Rights. DESIRABLE RESOLUTION IN MY COMPLAINT: 1. educate the Puregold staff 2. to repair my rings whereas, i can use it without removing and any fear that the diamond will get detach Thank you and have a good day. Gerlie Lee ([protected])

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