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Published: 03 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Went to their online site, paid for VPN services via paypal and then had my paypal account billed. Contacted them first time and they said takes up to 30 minutes to setup my account. Contacted them second time after several hours and they said that my bill was still unpaid. I gave them transactions numbers, emailed them invoices, everything and they provided no help at all. Here is the conversation with their support, i would suggest you steer clear of PureVPN. Please wait for a site operator to respond… Operator Kasper M. has joined the chat. Kasper M.10:09:32 PM Hello and Welcome to PureVPN.com, How may I help you ? 🙂 Visitor10:09:59 PM i made an order 10:10:02 PM i see it on paypal 10:10:04 PM as going through 10:10:07 PM but system says unpaid 10:10:10 PM (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) 10:10:18 PM this was like 3 hours ago Kasper M.10:10:42 PM Thanks, allow me few minutes to check 10:11:28 PM we haven’t received your payment confirmation 10:11:38 PM coudl you please share the invoice number 10:12:04 PM or your transaction ID Visitor10:13:43 PM ok one second 10:14:07 PM Recurring Payment Sent (ID 1FTXXX08TP5924707) Kasper M.10:15:28 PM please share your invoice number with us Visitor10:15:49 PM PureVPN – Invoice 29XXXX Kasper M.10:16:21 PM we have checked we haven’t received your payment confirmation 10:17:24 PM please send us an email at (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) with your paypal transaction Id and we will forward your email to the concerned department Visitor10:19:44 PM there is no paypal transaction number that i can see 10:19:53 PM it just says -9.99 Kasper M.10:20:44 PM have you received a paymnt confirmation email from paypal Visitor10:20:50 PM this is all i have 10:20:51 PM ID 1FT0XXXXXXXXXXX 10:20:52 PM let me check 10:21:56 PM Automatic payment number: I-JXXXXXXXXX 10:22:00 PM thats it 10:22:14 PM yes Kasper M.10:22:34 PM please send us an email at (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) 10:22:53 PM with these details and we will proceed accordingly Visitor10:22:55 PM just sent 10:23:02 PM it is for (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) 10:23:07 PM not (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) 10:23:11 PM that is the email linked with paypal Kasper M.10:23:22 PM okay 10:23:46 PM have you just sent an email with (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin)? Visitor10:23:54 PM yes 10:24:02 PM you should have it by now Kasper M.10:24:41 PM we haven’t received any email 10:24:56 PM please make sure to send it at (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) Visitor10:25:46 PM just sent it from my email 10:25:49 PM at (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) 10:25:52 PM you should have it now Kasper M.10:26:39 PM haven’t received it Visitor10:26:53 PM would it be easier to just deal with paypal on this issue 10:27:24 PM or do you have like a gmail address I could mail it 10:27:26 PM to 10:27:27 PM or something Kasper M.10:27:53 PM kindly open a support tciket from your client area 10:28:00 PM with these details

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