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Published: 11 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered the Witching Hour dress for my wedding. It was not in stock when I ordered it, but on the drop down menu for the sizes it said “Due in Stock Soon.” I ordered the dress toward the middle of March and my wedding is not until the end of this coming June, so because of the “due in stock soon” message, I figured the dress would be in before the wedding since it was several months away. I get an email about two weeks later tellling me that they were sending me the shoes and the choker I asked for, which was good. However, they had shipped the Maleficent costume dress instead of the Witching Hour dress. I emailed customer service and told them I did not order that dress and I asked them to send the right one. They responded to my email telling me I HAD ordered the Maleficent Dress and that I would have to send it back if I wanted a refund. I emailed them back asking if the dress I ordered was in stock, but they never responded. I was annoyed, so I called customer service and asked the lady to help me. She told me to send the Maleficent dress back and they would send me the right one when it came in stock. She said it would be in stock in about 4-5 weeks, which was fine since the wedding was still so far off. However, I checked the status of the dress, and the “due in stock soon” had changed to “Due in Stock 8/1/2014,” over a month after my wedding. I was livid, so I tried to enter my order number into their website in order to cancel the dress order, but my order number wouldn’t work, and it kept giving me the message, “We Are Unable to Complete Your Request at this Time, Please Try Again Later or Call Customer Service at (insert number here).” Even more livid, I called customer service and told the lady to cancel my order, which she did. I thought things were all right because I found a new dress on a different site, but now I’ve discovered the shoes I ordered from the site only about a month ago are already falling apart. I’ve barely worn them. They cost me 60 dollars. My advice? Don’t give this company your money. They have awful customer service, their products are cheap, and they never stock anything. .

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