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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Before I joined a month ago, I read several stories about the Qpid site. But all dating agencies have many negative stories, and this one had some goodies too (which I now think are management placed) that allayed my concerns. ALL guys can be vulnerable, I was, if there’s been a romantic upset. This site plays on that.. The women are invariable lovely, exceptional, but I NOW see that many of the photo’s are airbrushed or in some cases, look closely and you will see not all photos of the ‘same’ woman are in fact the same. Yesterday, after repeated affirmations form one woman, I did ‘call’ for a chat. I was on for 12 minutes, she asked me to look at 3 photo’s and that cost me 6 credits all up – A$72 without the bat of an her invisible eyelids. One of the photo’s she sent gave her away – the woman was clearly someone very different from those on the website, the other 2 were on the site already and therefore unnecessary to send at all – but you don’t know that until you open them! Many other reports on this site about Qpid are very true, I speak of this month, November 2016!I I got over 150 ‘admirer’ mails from women in the first 3 weeks from their 4 outfits. I made a short list of 5 girls in my desired category. This was out of just the admirer mail. I have spent towards $800, have had 4 of the shortlist want to marry me within the first 10 days – but, none were prepared to meet next month outside of China (despite their being so much in love) on the grounds, they don’t think they could manage the language either enroute, or when with me. Not one had the nouse to use my external email ( hidden in the profile for anyone with the sense to see it) and yes the censor is at work in every attempted contact usually without us realising it. Here is a list of some of the things to watch out for: *DO NOT give a standing order for deductions – ever. *Don’t fall for the discounts for bulk credit buys – they are not refundable *On phone calls or chat, you are never sure it is that same girl *Carefully check all the photo’s – often one face is put on more than one photo, all same smile, whitened skin etc. *Some persona’s use another personas’ photo’s – look for the same clothing on pics of one girl, compare to another, then look carefully at the face…I have found one 39 y/old playing the role of another of 52 – all different cities, date of birth, but the same girls face at least, maybe even the lie of the body. *Look at the ID numbers 200000 odd is 3+ years of membership, 500000 about 2 years, 900000 more recent – I asked ‘why such a lovely lady and on line for 3 years?’ … you should too *The great majority press the sex envelope in pics and often in profile – be it the latin, Ukraine, asia or China sites. *Many have jobs, claim to own houses, have enough money – all seem to be online though nearly every day – if a job, it seems could be Qpid telegirls, if not, why on line at all hours of their night-time? *They send EMF letters or 2nd photo’s to get the men to ‘open’ them, thereby using a $7 credit for each, and eliciting a $7 reply – easy money. *The EMF mail system is often slow – 71 hours, 65 hours at times – which can cause enough concern for the guy to send another mail. *Q’s are often not answered, replies often use poetry – nice but not relevant. *Learning" English is a laugh in the profile – a euphemism for bare minimum *Some said what a lovely photo of me (on the profile) be4 I put a photo on the profile!!! *Why would a 20’s year old want such an old guy – older than her father? Yet Qpid still sends them to us *This week I went thru the mechanism to receive a phone call – nominated a time/day range, waited – no call *It will cost about $300 to have an on-site meeting arranged by Qpid with the woman (if they keep appointment) *You cannot have such a meeting without first exchanging 10 EMF’s each (20x$7) there are more things I could say, but the above are all accurate. The upshot is: "the site is akin to a meat market! This good piece, sweet and tender or that piece, put your money down and we will wrap it up (very nicely) for you! Once you have eaten of it, come back for more! " The pics warm a man’s heart and are alluring, for sure., then again, the butcher always show you the best cuts. The girls could well be available and wanting a genuine mate of course, but the middle man Qpid got me good and proper. I will still wonder if they could have been my love-woman for life. I will miss the ones I fell for. But, I can go no further: I am sure all men could spend $800 in one month or even half of that, in a much better way.

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