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Published: 16 May 2019

Posted by: Alfredo

I went to this clinic instead of my traditional one because my insurance plan was changed. Even though the employees of this place are nice and their hygiene game is top notch, the hygienist is a pain in the ass. After just one examination from her, I got many different infections, gum disease, periodontal disease and a really disgusting infection on my right cheek. According to the hygienist, I had to get special cleaning done on my gums with lasers which were quite an expensive thing, I also had to get descaling and a thick injection on my gum pockets. This was an extremely horrific and terrifying experience in itself and when I received the bill, my day becomes even worse. A short guy came walking towards me with the bill of $947 for just the CLEANING! I couldn’t afford to pay this amount of money at the time so I just walked away without any other care. They did not even offer me a basic cleaning. I was treated like a fucking peasant at Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry. Especially the doctor and the hygienist, both of these people were horrible to me and they just hated the very sight of me. I was thinking how could I have so many infections and diseases and not feel any discomfort, for a moment I thought I was a superhero then I became suspicious. I got an appointment at a different dentist to double check the diagnosis of the hygienist of Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry. The new dentist told me that I have NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS and my teeth and gums are perfectly healthy. Although he did advise me to floss more often, that doesn’t cost a thousand bucks. Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry is full of liars and cheaters who try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. This is a corporate clinic and they don’t care about their patient’s health, all they care about is their financial health. When the staff of Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford their fake services, their behaviour changed instantly. The front desk people started treating me like a beggar and the hygienist even called me a “bitch”. They will scare you by telling you that your teeth are going to fall out soon if you don’t get their horribly expensive procedure. I would advise you to research before getting anything done from Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry. If they are making any crazy claims and you think that they are scamming you, then get a second opinion. Or you can simply avoid Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry without many efforts. Staying away from a scamming corporate office like Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry is the best way to keep yourself safe from their money trap. I would advise everyone to maintain their distance with this clinic and avoid it at all costs. Go anywhere but at Queen Creek Smiles Dentistry.

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