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Published: 30 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

7/13/14 – Responded to his ad on Craigslist, because I looked at his work on Facebook and he seemed legitimate. He has a logo and several pictures of work he’s supposedly completed. He even has invoices. Through me off though that he wanted me to transfer money to him via Walmart. I thought maybe it was because I was out of state, but maybe he wants cash so IRS can’t trace. Not sure on that one. I needed someone to paint the entire interior of my home. I informed him that I had three rooms with wallpaper that needed to be removed, and even included pictures. I told him square footage of home and all information he requested. He quoted me $1200 labor, plus paint. It was a great deal, or so I thought. Eric told me it would only take 3 days, and that included all nail holes filled, caulk all trim, and paint walls. I asked him if that included closets and everything, and he said yes. He sent me an invoice and I sent him $500 on 7/15/14. Then the excuses started. To make a long story short, even after cigarette butts found in my yard, spring for back screen door jammed, and a/c thermostat turned down to 50, he convinced me to send him more money. I paid for all supplies, even stuff that wasn’t paint, and he ended up abandoning the job. He wouldn’t return my calls, emails, or texts until I told him I would file charges. He then contacted me on 7/31/14 and had another excuse. I told him I just wanted him to finish. I no longer thought of him as a professional, but had already paid him to do the job. Guess what, he promised to finish it, but it was just another lie. I kind of got 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, foyer, half a hallway, a few doors, and some trim painted. Unfortunately, the rest of the home was left untouched. The new, reputable contractor informed me that I had paint all over my trim, drips on the doors, and you can see the old paint through the new. Nail holes weren’t filled, laundry room, kitchen, all closets and bathrooms, and the top half of the hallway not finished. Doors and trim left unfinished, windows not caulked, etc. A job that was supposed to take 3 day, starting on 7/15/14, was unfinished as of 8/1/14. I’m out $1441 in labor and supplies, plus $1650 for the tenants that couldn’t wait to rent beyond the 1st of August. He has at least three different companies on Angie’s List, and posts numerous ads on Craigslist. I’m writing reviews, and flagging his ads as fast as I can, but he’s still posting. I want him to stop scamming people. He even did the same to a military member who was deployed. I’m also in the military, and not able to be there to take him to court. I will be trying to take leave as soon as I can, so I can only hope the court system won’t fail me. Help me stop him!!!

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