Raceway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Ltd.

Raceway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Ltd. Review

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALER. IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT THER ARE SO MANY REVIEWS ALL ABOUT THE SAME ISSUE, AND THE ONES THATE SEEMS TO LIKE THE DEALER I BET A GOOD PORTION OF THEM JUST WERE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO REALIZE OR EVEN LOOK AT THE PAPER WORK TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THIS PLACE. mY STORY IS NOT DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THIS PEOPLE SO READ CAREFULLY AND LEARN: I went to this dealer on a Saturday, I was look after by a really nice lady, I ask how much the car I like was and they said about $34000,so I said that unfortunately that was more than what I can afford, my budget was $30000,and the manager which is the worst person ever (and if you are reading this let me tell you something,people like you always die alone) well he said that if I would buy it for $31000 total,plus hst off course. Well I agree to that price and they said I had to pay a deposit in order to start the paper work and call the bank for financing ( DO NOT EVER PAY THIS DEPOSIT, IF THEY WANT YOUR BUSINESS THEY SHOULD DO THEIR JOB WITHOUT YOU HAVINGTO PAY ANY DEPOSIT),ANYWAYS AFTER THE DEPOSIT I MET WITH THE FINANCING PERSON WHO IS OBVIOUSLY AWARE OF ALL THIS AND WITH HIS GOODS TACTICS TRICK ME INTO NOT LOOKING AT THE ACTUAL FINAL PRICE OF THE VEHICLE BUT ONLY TO THE MONTLHY PAYMENT,SO WHEN I LEFT THAT PLACE ON SATURDAY I LEFT THINKING THAT MY CAR WOULD ONLY COST $31000 PLUS HST. Well that same day my wife and I saw how this guy,this so called manager Ahmad was screaming and being disrespectful to one of his employees,in front of us, who would do that in front of customers, well because of this the next day I started looking online at some reviews about this raceway Chrysler dealer,and started finding reviews about people being rip-off,or the dealer in general being disrespectful to them, after reading all this reviews I got worried and went back to the dealer the next day to double check the paper work…….. WELL as you probably already know the $31000 value had gone up to almost $37000, when I complain about this they just kept saying that if I could come up with the deposit that same day they would do 31000,and THEY KNEW I COULD ONLY BRING THE DEPOSIT 3 WEEKS LATER. SO now they tell me,to my face that basically I was stupid for signing any paper,that now I have to accept that over priced vehicle. I could say more stuff but I don’t want to continue wasting my time even talking about this manager. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE,THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME, PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE, MY ONLY REGRET IS NOT SEEING ALL THIS REVIEWS ONLINE THE DAY BEFORE I WENT THERE, I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY $1000 DEPOSIT TO BE REFUNDED,AND I WILL FILE A COMPLAIN WITH THE ONTARIO CONSUMMER PROTECCION ASSOCIATION. FORGET ABOUT THE GOOD REVIEWS,THIS REVIEWS are PROBABLY WRITTEN BY THE SALEMANS,OR THEIR FAMILIES OR BY CUSTOMER WHO ARE JUST NOT SMART ENOUGH TO SEE HOW THEY STEAL THEIR MONEY. YOU DON’T BELEAVE ME? GO THERE AND YOU WILL SEE HOW THEY WILL ASK YOU FOR A DEPOSIT RIGHT AWAY AND THATS NOT A DEPOSIT AGAINS THE CAR,THATS JUST TO START THE PAPER WORK,IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO PAY THE DEPOSIT THEN YOU ARE LOST. THEY ARE MAKING MONEY JUST BY CHARGIN THIS DEPOSIT AND NOT SELLING AN ACTUAL CAR,SO BE AWARE, if you still want to buy a car in this place do not pay any deposit until you have in front of you the actual contract with the right numbers,they always tell you that you will see the contract after paying the deposit and that’s how they get you because then they will come out with a higher price and bunch of stupid excuses, so don’t be a loser and stay away from this place.

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