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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased an autographed 45 of a hard to find autograph. It was already fishy that he had one so cheap I am being vague as possible for my own sake of harassment as this guy has a history of that as well. It took a week to ship and I was concerned with the return policy so I called in regards to shipping and return time. I told Mr. Radwill, Radizwill or whatever his name is now a days (This guy has a history of changing his name frequently probably due to his complaint and fraudulent items). Anyways I had told him that I planned on having it certified and he told me straight up. “They will not authenticate it, do not waste your money”. Are you serious?! That pretty much killed all of my excitement over the purchase. If your items are real why would you say such a thing? That is nearly admitting the product is fake that you would flat out say that. You must know your autographs are fake and too sloppy for authentication to even make that statement. He is obviously not confident in his own products! As other have claimed prior on other sites this guy should be in jail. If he was not there to witness the autograph you would think he would be just as curious! In high hopes I paid the large fees for authentication just to find out what I already knew. FAKE! with a huge list of reasons why it could not be authenticated. Again this autograph is quite rare, the person died at a young age. After I purchased mine I noticed he magically got another one right after that to list as well! Another shocker! After the fact I started seeing so many complaint about this guy. Nothing he sells has any authentication. He is a shark, tries to discredit the larger authentication companies as he knows people aren’t going to pay $700 to use a forensic examiner for a $100-$400 item..lol! Talks a big game on his site to make you feel confident in him, but flat out told me. “DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TRYING TO AUTHENTICATE IT”. He attempted to send me his own authentication and all I received was a Microsoft word typed up letter saying whose estate it was from..lol. I was attempting to use the 1 most well know company for authentication he just threw them under the bus with the rest of them. I am not mentioning names as he will claim I am a competitor or work for the authentication companies as he has on prior complaint. Bottom line this guy seems to be the real deal when it comes to crooks! How many estate sales of autograph collectors is this guy going to win? Where is his stock coming from??? I have read people are buying bulk lots from foreign countries for resale. How true that is? I am not sure, but this would make sense. Unless he and his wife have the marbles to do this themselves by now. A lot of the autographs are similar upon later review of his site. I felt like a chump and hope I save the readers some money as well. It took a little piece of my heart that this ended up fake! I hope someone shuts this guy down! He has changed his business name and operating name multiple times making it hard to keep up with his complaint. BUYER’S BEWARE! .

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