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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have already been with the Raft One Company twice before this time, therefore I was very much okay being with the same company for the third time as my family and I decided to go for a beginner trip nearby. It’s a very big association and established a long time ago, but as time passed by this company was never perfect as it was before. The managing staffs were replaced due to retirement and this time the manager along with the guides were worse than ever before.
During older days they didn’t charge for rafting before the trip and only when the trip was finally over and the customers were happy they asked for their payment. Now it’s not the same, as soon as we registered our name for rafting in the office, I was asked to pay the money in advance. I enquired about the old system of payment for which the manager replied. “The old system has been changed and replaced by us and we are bound to forbid the rules and regulation.” I accepted the fact about the new rules and happily paid the money.
Our guide spoiled the whole trip for us, he started scolding and barking at us from the beginning. He was being dominant on us and making us remind all the time that he is the boss and we must listen to him. At first, we didn’t bother much because he was our guide and we have to listen to our guide so that we stay safe. He saw that my PDF was not tight enough so he pulled me out and jerked me around so hard that my back gave a sudden ache, then he made the PDF tighter and ordered me to sit back in my place. The guide seemed to be a tough guy and a cocky one too. I was a little pissed off after his action towards all of us. By now I was also a bit scared speaking to him from the front, even if I had any kind of query, I remained silent. About halfway through we were near a reef and wanted to get down and enjoy for a while, but our raft master seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t agree with that. He was a highly skilled master but still was not fit to be a guide for family people like us. I and my family decided to have a bit of fun and adventure during the trip but the raft master was always busy rowing without even trying to interact with us. Whenever we made mistakes all he did was scold every one of us. His behavior was very harsh and cocky all the time. He was always in a hurry to reach back to the destination and never was in a jolly mood throughout the trip.
I highly suggest every one of you choose another rafting company rather than the Raft One. The only good reason to ignore this company was the behavior of the raft master which matters the most to everyone.

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