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Published: 09 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Rainbow Motor Sales on Feb 1st and purchased an 06 Dodge Grand Caravan with 75,000 miles on it. The price was a bit high but I thought it was a good car for my wife! It was very nice looking and clean inside. After a few days I had noticed the tires were looking low! I checked them. The two front tires had 18 and 15 pounds and the rear tires were both 25 pounds!! So at that point I checked the oil.(more than a quart low) Then the coolant was low! It took over a half a gallon of antifreeze! I called the dealer and told them the lady(Sheri) told me to take it and have the oil change and she would pay for it!! I had alreday changed the oil as I had no idea what type of oil was already in the van! I had mentioned all the problems to her and she swept all that under the carpet! After a month of owning this van the coolant was down a gallon, all the tires were low again, the three automatic doors quit working, the heater will not shift of defrost the turn signal operater on the wrong side turning on the bright headlight turn on the wipers and when the brakes are applied the wipers off! Then the passenger airbaglight on the dash turns off and on by itself! The owners manual was missing( but was able to get most info online) I then checked for the jack and all those items needed to change a flat tire were gone!! I dont even know if there is a spare tire. The total price of this van was $16,800. This van was in a wreck or flood or something!!! My wife is a home health care worker and travels to many clients a day! She needs a vehicle that she can rely on! I contacted the dealer and was told by Sheri that she would put new tires on and I could make payments on them! She also said to bring the van in so Bob could take a look at it!! This van should have never been sold!! Tom Coldwater, Michigan

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