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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I want to thank all those who took the time to write a report regarding Rainsoft and their “EC5” product line. I was contacted first, by a representative I have never seen at my local Home Depot, regarding taking a survey on “water in our home”. We obliged and of course were contacted right away by someone wanting to send a pro to my home… mind you they said a “Water Purification PRO”. What we got was a very nice lady, but definitely NOT A PRO. What we also got was a water test that my dog would have been able to complete that really didn’t explain anything. I have salt water tanks in my home and use RO water, testing equipment and other chems to keep the proper ph, so I think I know a little about what goes into these kits. The test was pretty much BS. Nonetheless, the woman worked with us. After mentioning that I wasn’t going to pay the $6950 for the EC5 system… which was discounted, minus the $800 installation fee and the $595 in taxes, and adding in the 5 years worth of Soaps (anyone smelling an Amway pitch here?) she still offered a military discount of an additional $500. I was born at night, but not last night and can tell ya that these systems should be under $2500, easily. So… I decided when she made one fatal sales flaw by reurning to her vehicle to get her phone… to google the product. Low and behold… all your information was here for the reading. End of deal. Even when she talked to the “regional manager” at 2100 hours (yeah sure he stays up just for that crap)… and he said he had a floor model for $3800 with the 5 years worth of soap… it was a no brainer. After telling them that my finances wouldn’t allow for anything over $2800, with the soaps… they realized this wasn’t happening. My mind was pretty much made up from the start… been down this road before… but thanks to all the other reports out there that solidified my judgement call. Oh, and Home Depot will be getting a piece of my mind over this… no more answering any surveys in the aisles of any stores. Period.

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