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Published: 25 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I co-signed for an apartment for my son. Ram Enterprises in Prescott AZ Charged us $1,086.29 to move in. Which included $475.00 first months rent,security dosit $475.00, a $75.00 administration fee. Thr apt. Was very old and was dirty and smelled of smoke. The refrigator had liquified food in the vegetable bins. The kitchen was greasy and the stove was filthy. The bathroom tub looked like someone took a shower with oil stained flip flots on and the sink & toilet were filthy. There is a hanging light fixture that my son ask to be repaired or replaced due to live wires exposed. Ram Enterprise refused to repair it. I called a electrician to have the live wires capped off. The electrician stated it is a fire hazard and not to even use the wall Switch and he placed tape over the switch to prevent a fire. I was injured by the closet door that was broken and it fell on by neck & shoulder causing neurological problems and I am still under doctors care for injury. I called Ram and the repair man only repaired the top of the door and never returned to secure the doors on the bottom track it was completely missing. The apartment is infested with cockroaches due to the filthy condition of the apt. My son never slept the entire time he lived there due to the tenants upstairs fighting, screaming and the couple next door beating on each other on a daily basis. The upstairs tenant started a car repair business and even told my son not to park his car in the carport because he needed the space for customer’s cars. There is trash, and junk all around the building the place is falling apart. The owner lIves in Mexico and is a slum landlord. He does nothing to update or keep the place clean and safe for the tenants. My son moved out and called Ram two months before he moved explaining that he was taking his security deposite for his last month rent. Since they never cleaned the place but charged for cleaning. Ram reported me to collections and is charging $3,049.57. What is interesting about this collection is they are claiming that my son broke a cabinet door in kitchen which was broken when he moved in. Also they are stating that the apt. Is a nonsmoking apt. My son has never smoked in his life and could hardly sleep in the bedroom due to the smell of nicotine. The collection is NCSPlus Incorporated located at 117 E. 24St. 5 th. Floor New York,NY 10010. The collection letter informed me that I should pay in full the $3.049.57 to Ram Enterprises in Prescott AZ. I checked them out and learned that they are a scam collections and that they have other complaint with multi-level rip offs. This company & Ram Enterprises need to be held accountable for this ruthless behavior and all their lies. I hope to shut them down for bad business practices. .

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