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Published: 06 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I know Rami Ranger for the last 30 years from a C grade public/government school which he is so ashamed of. Parents in India usually put rotten kids in such schools when they messup in normal schools as a punishment. He does not have any education/degrees from INDIA, just a record of criminal charges, three divorces and about 50 one night stands to his name. I am sad to disclose that he backstabbed me by asking my EX to help him with his GreenCard in 2005 while we were going thru a breakup. She is a respectable lady from Europe and he tried to take advantage of her and tried to contact her on numerous occasions behind my back and even had the odacity to tell me to hook him up with her. I just could not believe that someone I have known since 8th grade can get down to this level. Over the years I have witnessed him with over two dozen women and mostly one night stands.What can I say about a 45 year old man whose longest relationship in life was barely a year long. When he moved to NYC back in 2008 from Atlanta, he used to dressup shabbiiy with a backpack and sneakers to NYC clubs, I helped him with grooming, introducing him to all my friends and he started to talk bad about me to my own friends and slowly got into all the circles which I didnt care about. He used some innocent woman named Lisa for a GreenCard in NYC and during my tough times, convinced me to do the same in canada but I just didn’t have it in me to go thru it like he did or pretend to love someone I didn’t and use them for a legal status to run away from problems just like he did. I decided to stay in NY and fight it out for the love of my kids. What pissed me off about this guy the most is that he couldnt see that I was happily settled in my life after so many years of misery and failures, and went behind my back and contacted this woman Shradha Narang in Toronto and instigated her against me and she was a scorned woman who got jealous (being my EX) and got involved in my personal life and wrote crap about me and my kids. I am not in touch with Rammy for last 2 years since his brothers wedding as I failed to deliver the photos and videos ontime as usual.(I agree I am very notorious for this online, all you have to do is google my real name Pankaj Ghuliani, no secret, my life is public information now, which I am not proud of, but this guy makes me look like an ANGEL with his backstabbing and one night stands) But being a friend for 30 years, I made up to him by returning the money by a money order (with proof) and also gave him all the original video footage and photos. He still owes me all my furniture which was loaned to him, including a glass desk, laser printer, DVD player and Nikon binoculars. I can only wish him the very best in life and hope he finds someone who can forgive him for his past like I did. But he needs to know if you backstab someone, people might forgive you but they will never forget. NEVER. Warm Regards Pankaj G aka Bob .

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