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Published: 24 January 2019

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The purpose of filing this Rip Off Report is to make others aware of the negligence, seemingly purposeful, and questionable legal actions by Randel L. Messner (staff attorney for the Secretary of Kansas Department for Children and Families) in this particular family case as it may be possible others have been, and/or may be currently, similarily affected by such actions. To my knowledge, the State of Kansas has yet to investigate and Attorney Messner remains working in this capacity. Attorney Messner filed an Entry of Appearance in the District Court of Franklin County, Kansas on behalf of the “Petitioner”. As evidenced by documentation: (1) Attorney Messner filed a Certificate of Service to certify he had served a copy of his Appearance dated 23rd day of August 2012 to all parties. A party he was attesting to have served was (a) not at the address Attorney Messner provided and attested to; it’s illogical and unclear how Mr. Messner ever ended up with and using this address as it’s not even listed in the court documents as the Respondent’s address (therefore Messner’s Appearance was never received by Respondent as per attestment to the court), (b) the Respondent had procured services of an attorney (as documented in court files) and even that address was not used, (c) Attorney Messner, however, separately served both the Petitioner, as well as the Petitioner’s attorney. (2) Attorney Messner failed to recognize the fact the Petitioner was not even a Kansas resident, but rather was a California resident and had used the Kansas address of her mother (for which she’d also used to illegally obtain a Kansas driver’s license during Respondent’s deployment period; while still maintaining her California residence and CA driver’s license) with whom she’d gone to live with for just one day subsequent to filing for fraudulently filing for Temporary Ex Parte Orders in Franklin County Courthouse, and fleeing domestic violence charges, arrest, and released from jail in the State of Maine. Attorney Messner did not take into account the money the Petitioner had already possessed, as evidenced by documentation, in the amount of approximately $14,000 she’d illegally “gifted” to herself using Power of Attorney from the deployed Respondent’s accounts, in addition to another $4,500, and charging approximately $14,000 on Respondent’s credit card. Neither did it appear that Attorney Messner reviewed the accounting, as it was glaringly obvious the Respondent was left with a negative $50/month of “income” – penniless. Attorney Messner could’ve easily discovered the Petitioner was a California resident since approximately 2003, had been married at least 4 times previous, and had a court filing in San Diego and collection outstanding (still) in excess of $10,000, and had filed joint income taxes with the State of Maine, has several aliases, and even forged the Respondent’s signature in court documents. If an attorney for the State of Kansas has such powers to take money from a father, while ignoring the facts, and not even doing due diligence to ensure the Petitioner he’s representing is a Kansas resident at the time of filing, and leaves a parent with negative “income” at the end of the month, then it seems reasonable Attorney Messner may continue to harm others. In the end, notwithstanding the deliberate financial harm for which the father remains unreimbursed, the situation ended appropriately with the father receiving sole custody; the infant and toddler were taken by law enforcement into Emergency State protective custody from the mother (during her 8-months of temporary custody granted Ex Parte) following a concerned neighbor’s phone call to Ottawa police. (See Rip Off Report re Gerald F. Powers, also mentioning R. Michael Latimer – both Kansas attorneys). There appears to be something exceedingly wrong, fraudulent and corrupt in some of the cases in the State of Kansas’ legal system, including the courts, CPS agency, as well as some of the local law enforcement (i.e. former Sheriff Jeffry Curry and Ottawa Police Department’s Detective Casey Crane) with ties to the Petitioner and her family they are too easily aligned with regardless of obvious risk of harm and abuse done to children. In no way should this be taken as an indictment of the totality of the system, because I believe there are many good people in Kansas, including the Ottawa police officer responding to the emergency situation of these young children. This report is filed to shed some light. I hope others in the State of Kansas are not facing similar circumstances; but if so, may this Rip Off Report help to get immediate assistance and remedy. .

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