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Bad Experience! They don't treat patients with kindness!

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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Tyrone

I don’t have well-structured teeth, I decided to visit Rangewood Orthodontics to have my teeth restricted with braces. I had no idea what to expect from staff members at the practice.

At Rangewood Orthodontics a quick examination felt an option and I did not feel uncomfortable standing in the long queue. I confirmed the appointment a few days earlier.

It was not my fault the staff members couldn’t manage their appointments for that morning. A queue gathered up and there I was feeling unhappy to see the doctor. Before I got to my examination, I felt ill and sat on the uncomfortable seat. The staff didn’t pay attention and had ignored me while I sat and hoped for someone to come to my attention. Patient care is not shown in this practice. The office is untidy and not worth a visit.

There is no happy moment at Rangewood Orthodontics as I thought it would be. The organization lacks quality and pleasantness. I had a good feeling about my exam before I got to the practice. The problem came when the staff failed to see my confirmed appointment from a few days earlier. The unqualified staff doesn’t treat patients respectfully and deny their rude actions to the doctor. I walked out of the office without having the procedure.

In this process, I discovered the lack of friendliness and care toward me. Nobody cared to ask if I am familiar with the benefits of the insurance company rules, and with Rangewood Orthodontics policies. The slow process to filling in forms had taken up most of my day.

Staff at Rangewood Orthodontics haven’t used their skills at the practice and are poorly accommodated to patient care.

The day begins with many accounts and this requires skill and experience from staff to be able to handle such responsibilities. I noticed their attitude from the extra work they must cope with. Their frustration builds up and customer’s service is neglected. Understaffed and inexperienced staff are not happy to carry that much workload. I saw the behaviors and that disappointed me. Poor skills and no knowledge of customer care is not how a practice grows into a prosperous business. Surgical procedures are major actions taken by doctors and with unprofessional staff, it’s a risk. Note that a recommendation from me to Rangewood Orthodontics is to discourage patients from going to this practice. Anyone in need of braces or dentures should find other Orthodontics who have qualified staff.

The upcoming appointments are not in order making it difficult for patients to arrive at different times.

There are no smiles and good recommendations to Rangewood Orthodontics. It is of deep regret to recommend Rangewood Orthodontics to any concerned persons. My bad experience with Rangewood Orthodontics made a simple visit complicated. I will not go back there again!

Customers services are not pleasant! A definite no for anyone interested to visit Rangewood Orthodontics. Their lack of care and ability to work on a high level with patients has made my visit uncomfortable rather than happy and relaxed.

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