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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: akram

The society has witnessed a dawn of new kind of scam artists. The new breed of fraudsters is criminal-minded in nature. They’re willing to go to any extent to win your confidence. They don’t see any wrong in playing with your emotions. The most disgusting bit is they don’t care about the consequences. I, Simon, run a small offshore technical support center. As a businessman, I keep on looking for new business opportunities. I came across an opportunity of working with Rao Abdulwahid of ArrowSolEight.

I’ll provide a little bit more information about my business and working philosophy to help you understand things. I always put work satisfaction above profit. I respect and love my team. Doing business with ArrowSolEight team was the biggest mistake of professional life.

Rao offered an exciting business proposal. It looked like a big opportunity at that time. I decided to take the offer. We signed an agreement on 16th March. We had to hire fifteen more members. I stretched my resources and went out of comfort zone to make the project a success.

We’d an amazing first month. We’re able to deliver the results. It was a big victory. I couldn’t have asked for more from my team. The month was over and we’re expecting the paycheck. At that time, I came to know about the real Rao Abdulwahid. He scammed us. The guy informed that he has transferred money and showed fake receipts.

I kept on waiting and there was no activity in account. I was a little confused. The guy is showing us the proof. The bank account wasn’t showing any transactions. It was a trick well played. I’d to pay to my team. Things were looking messy.

My family stood by me and supported me. I paid my team first and took some extra work from existing clients. I was trying to put things back on track. It would have been wrong to ask new team members to leave.

Rao Abdulwahid started behaving in a strange manner. He wasn’t bothered about anything. He abandoned us. In short, he is a scam artist. He doesn’t care about legal actions. I contacted a legal expert to explore the options. Taking a legal action requires a lot of time, efforts and money. I decided to drop the idea. I started thinking of other ways to damage his reputation.

I took some time off to come up with the right action plan. The option was always there. I made up my mind and decided to chase him. I’d everything I needed to wage a war against Rao Abdulwahid. I was extremely angry at him. I didn’t want to turn it into a personal battle and send a wrong signal.

I was also sharing reviews to save businessmen from falling into his trap. I request fellow businessmen to stay away from Rao Abdulwahid and other con artists.

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