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STAY AWAY from Rapid Auto Loans and you will thank me later

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Published: 06 April 2019

Posted by: william

I got a car on loan from Rapid Auto Loans a couple of months ago. Recently Rapid Auto Loans revoked my car even when I made all the payments on time. Moreover, they even added more additional charges on the loan. Isn’t it totally absurd?! A couple of months ago my account was in collections and I was getting the paperwork done. Even when my account was in the hands of Recovery Centre (in collections) Rapid Auto Loans was making me do all the payments. I am a much-disciplined person and I maintain my accounts properly and I did the same with this one. It had a proper active status and almost no late payment submissions ever. I paid my usual instalment on around 1:30 PM on 1st June 2016. This payment was made completely on time and thus there was no late fee on it. I paid the instalment 18 days before the due date and I was on time. Even after this, these motherfuckers repossessed my car!!!

The company which towed my car told me that I will have to pay a whopping $250 if I want the car back; it was their “repossession fee”. I realized that these people were robbing me, but because I was in a hurry I agreed to make the payment. I asked them to give me an official receipt and when I asked that the rep started behaving fishy, it was like he didn’t want to give me the receipt. He asked me why I need a receipt for it and I told him that it is none of his damn businesses. After some hesitation, he finally gave me the receipt for it and even though I was the one who made the whole payment, the receipt was issued to Rapid Auto Loans instead of me. After this dreading experience, I contacted the company and spoke with XXXXXX who was the head of the recovery. I told her about the whole situation. The agreement that they gave me stated: “You will have to pay $200 as of today and $459 will be added on top of your loan which should be cleared in the coming 10 days.” I signed the agreement and went on with my life. This happened a couple of weeks ago. Today when I checked my account, I saw that the company has charged me $800 over the agreement! Not only that, they have even asked me to pay then an additional $400 within 10 days!!!

This company does nothing but screws off people who are not in good condition. Please don’t use Rapid Auto Loans for getting a loan on your vehicle; they are just going to make your life worse. I have sent an email to the company regarding the issue, but it seems that they are not going to do anything about it. The customer support of this company is going to make your life hell.

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