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Published: 21 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I contacted Rare Bulldogs myself about these allegations because they had some nice dogs and were recommended to me. I saw this report and another and contacted this Alecia Dixon and she was very forthcoming with the info and provided proof to me about these inspections and animal control and they were nothing more than a few dogs not being up to date on their Rabies Vaccines and a few puppy pens were dirty because she had been ill and hadn’t yet got to them. ANYONE who has ever raised 1 litter of pups, or several KNOWS that first thing in the morning the pen is a mess from the pups pooping and peeing all through the night. The pens were dirty from not yet being cleaned in the morning, these puppies were not locked in dirty crates, they weren’t wallowing around in their feces. If you know what a puppy pen looks like then you know they have plenty of room to get away from their mess, UNLESS they come running to you through it while you are cleaning everything up. Happens to me with every litter. I have seen this ladies set up and she did not have 57 dogs running around, she has adult dogs which some had puppies which a litter can be anywhere from 1-14 pups in a single litter. If you have a few pregnant females at once or weeks apart this does not constitute as a puppy mill 🙂 Do the math people and don’t believe everything you read or hear!! As I said this lady is very open and does not deny anything, I didn’t know her from Adam and she showed me her court documents to clear the air. As far as the congenital info in the other post on here, what they aren’t telling you is how long THEY had the dog before reporting such problems. Keep in mind once the dog goes home you have 24-72 hours to have your puppy checked by a Vet not MONTHS down the road to where most people cause injuries themselves or their children and try to blame the breeders. Another thing to keep in mind. I haven’t purchased from this lady yet, but I will be just as soon as she has that perfect dog I am looking for!!

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