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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

This was absolutely the worst decision of my life to go here. At first going in the school for the first time it did seem kind of like a car salesman trying sell me a car or an army recruiter trying to get me to enlist and I should have recognized that and walked away but It was convenient that I can take all of my classes online which I couldn’t do at my local junior college and I wouldn’t have had to wait weeks to meet with someone like at the junior college which now I look back and I wish I would have been more patient.

As soon as I signed everything and my financial aid went through that’s when all their talk about “We’re here for you to achieve” went out the window and I could not reach my career counselor and he would never return my messages. The school goes by quarters not semesters. As for the first quarter I took two classes and aced them both and was even on the dean’s list but at the beginning of the second quarter I had a couple of personal family issues that I was dealing with that was interfering with me being able to do my school work.

After falling behind I was finally able to get ahold of my career counselor after several calls and explained the situation in depth to him in hopes that he would understand and I thought he did. He said he realizes that I’m trying to make an effort and that they would have to withdraw me this quarter but I could come back for the next quarter. So between the end of that quarter and the beginning of the next I spent my time again trying to get ahold of my career counselor with no success. I even tried going up to the school where I was informed that he was on vacation in Las Vegas.

So the next quarter begins with me still trying to get a hold of my career counselor. I figured if I could get ahold of him I could just start the quarter late and make up the work. Finally after calling several times the secretary at the front desk put me on hold where she would usually tell me that my counselor wasn’t in so I figured finally I’ll get some answers and be able to attend school again but I was wrong – she ended up transferring the call to the financial aid department and the person answering the phone I believe was the head of financial aid. I can’t recall.

The secretary must have told her who was on the phone because the person already knew my name and immediately started discussing a repayment plan for me. I told her the reason I was calling was to get back into school and that I talked to my career counselor and he said that was OK. She ended up saying it was too late and I would have repay in order to attend school.

I proceeded to tell her that I am unemployed and I can’t afford it. I then told her of the situation that led me to get withdrawn from school which was very personal to me and something I didn’t want to discuss but did anyway in hopes she would understand. Her response to me was that it wasn’t her problem and when can she be expecting a payment from me I then hung up the phone.

Now it’s fairly easy to communicate with someone at the college. They call my phone, email me, and even send letters in the mail saying that they will either take my tax refund or garnish my wages which is kind of hard to do since I’m unemployed. The letter also states that they could sue me which is also hard to do seeing that I don’t own any assets – no vehicle or house and doesn’t look like I ever will thanks to Rasmussen since I have no experience in anything and no education that’s why it’s practically impossible to find a job and also the reason why I wanted to go to college in the first place.

Now I can’t go back until I pay back the loan. I owe almost seven thousand dollars for a quarter and a half of school. Maybe one day I can finally get a job as fry cook or janitor or even a bag person and then they can garnish those wages. Now I know I actually don’t owe Rasmussen. I owe the government but Rasmussen didn’t care about me. All they wanted was the money and they made no attempt to help me get back to school.

I write this review so maybe it helps someone not make the same horrible mistake I made and if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself and see if they’re not like a car salesman or army recruiter and also look at what they charge. It’s almost double a credit hour compared to a junior college.

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