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A total nightmare! Absolutely horrible!

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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Estrella

I never knew that a simple trip to a cosmetic surgeon for some lip fillers could turn out to be such a nightmare. I was never very self conscious but who does not like to look good. I just thought that I would take in some fillers to make my lips look fuller. And, if I was happy with the results, I would think of opting for a rhinoplasty. Well, to be honest, when I first made the appointment by calling +1 303-381-3223, nothing seemed very out of place. A detailed overview was taken and the first consultation went quite good about how I would look once my fillers were in place. However, when the procedure actually happened and I looked into the mirror, I honestly could not recognize myself. I just wanted naturally full looking lips. Instead, my lips looked protruded and they were an unnatural color. The nurse who was with me at the time kept on insisting that it was fine and that the swelling would soon go away but I was not convinced. As I expected, it really did not go down and I was kind of stuck with really horrible lips. It made a serious dent in my confidence and I was ashamed to go out and I skipped many outings with my friends and family. Finally, after a lot of careful research and another couple of thousand dollars later, I managed to undo the damage somewhat. There was also some scaring that had resulted and I had to get rid of that as well. I had only wanted a little amount of fillers, just to fill my lips in and make it look natural but it seemed like they have a much skewed sense of beauty. It is better to steer clear away from them and opt for some other cosmetic clinic.

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