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Published: 08 October 2019

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Raven Starre headed up a group within a Multi-Level-Marketing company (side note: the MLM company itself is completely innocent and legitimate and has the utmost sympathy for the victims in this case). In October 2014 the group was invited to participate in a reality show called One Year To Millionaire where Raven would mentor us on how to make a million dollars in the MLM company through internet marketing. This was the deal: Participation in the reality show and business/transformational mentoring for the whole year The show’s exposure will create leads for the participants and an online sales “funnel” system will be provided $200,000 marketing budget for Google Adwords will be provided Approximately $385,000 was paid directly to Raven’s personal bank account. She would not provide a contract or private placement memorandum but insisted that the money be collected. A total of 12 distributorships (many of them were stay at home moms) paid money to be on the show. In mentoring sessions, she used teachings stressing ethics, being present, having integrity and becoming conscious millionaires. She spoke about making money in order to bring transformation to this world. We have been informed that Raven spent $60,000 of the funds to pay for sessions at a prestegious church. Raven told us that the $200,000 was deposited into an offshore account to avoid taxation. We were never provided with any accounting. 2 months later she provided contracts that we were told to sign or else we would be off the show. These contracts were not signed by her, rendering them null and void as well as worthless. We do not believe she has reported any of this income to the IRS. No stock options were issued or securities laws followed. On Jan. 1 2015 Raven announced she is dropping the reality show and creating a new business, and the remaining participants from the reality show would have to put in more money for the new business if they wanted to recoup their investment. Raven insisted that $200,000 left over from the reality show would be used for marketing the new venture. The remaining participants invested $77,000 in the new company. Of that, Raven used $25,000 to attend an internet marketing mastermind group. In March she was dismissed by the Internet marketing mastermind group due to her misconduct and the $25,000 was refunded to her credit card, of which 100% was funded by the participant’s money. She also kept an additional $5,000 of our money for travel expenses. She has not returned any of the money to the participants. Raven told the last two participants that she spent the $200,000 marketing budget on her own credit card debt. All of the participants have asked for money back and have tried to work with her. She has ignored us since March 9. The last we heard from her was that her lawyer was going to send me and the other members a settlement agreement by Friday March 13, however no such communication has occurred.

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