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Sexual Predator and Serial Harasser. Stay Away !!

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Sudha

Ravi Melwani was known to be an innovative and dynamic retailer who revolutionized traditional retailing in India through his megastores Kids Kemp and Kemp Fort. He then moved on to become a poet, singer, inspirational speaker, author, and a vibrant philosopher. Sooner he realized that there is more to life than just making millions and decided to dedicate his life to H.I.S work that is Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual initiatives. Ravi Melwani was fondly called as RVM and then opened RVM Foundation. At the top of his retailing career, he decided to switch over from his lucrative retailing business to dedicate his life for more meaningful priorities. And these priorities were living happily and spreading happiness to others. 

Ravi Melwani’s happiness comes from touching people’s lives through Humanitarian, Spiritual and Inspirational efforts but who knows these touching effects brings into the limelight of his devastating character and trait in general! There are several cases and complaints published against Ravi Melwani for harassment, sexual abuse, Me Too movement where his name is left only in the pages of his books. He’s a married man and his behavior and attitude towards the opposite sex on a large scale has become claustrophobic. I’ll be highlighting his deeds and sharing some complaints through my personal experience as well.

One of my best friends had experienced one of the worst scenarios which took place recently. I could absolutely relate to every single word that she shared it with me. It was absolutely a Me Too movement! 

It all started through Job Portal site where HR reviewed her resume and shortlisted for the Interview round. Excitement embraced my friend in general and was happy to go for an interview. The interview took place on the topmost floor of the mall. It had a great ambiance and feel of working. The HR instantly introduced her to Ravi Melwani. She was taken inside his cabin where only two of them were there. Thought of being the final interview round she was all excited to get set with her first job. He started bragging about his achievements and deeds in life and how happiness can bring a lasting impression in life.  While talking he just got up from his chair and came close to her chair and held her hand and started uttering words and experiences of happiness. At first, my friend was a bit taken aback and started listening to him. And while talking he came near and started murmuring as to take off your shirt. As soon as she heard, she got up from her chair and started fidgeting with her purse in fear.  He then came close and said don’t get scared, this is what happiness is all about in life. During that time, there was a knock on his door and he pushed himself away from her. One of his servants entered the cabin with a cup of tea and biscuits. My friend was just waiting for the interview to get over as soon as possible and rush back home. This whole incident gave jitters while listening to my friend. We then googled and found out this conman deeds and complaints against him.

There was a similar incident that had happened and how the girl experienced the awful interview process. In her case, as soon as HR introduced the girl to Ravi Melwani, he started bragging about his achievements and how he’s the staunch believer in God and how he had built the Shiva temple and total worth of his properties. There was a picture with Mother Teressa on one of the walls which caught her attention that made her believe he was a humble and gentle soul. He had mentioned that he’s a Krishna and girls around him are his Gopikas. He had a library in one of his secluded basements and while talking he took her there in the pretext of giving her a camera to work with the homeless. As soon as they entered there was this lady who was archiving books and articles. She snuck out saying she wanted to have her lunch. Maybe she knew! By this time, the girl couldn’t breathe, felt claustrophobic and her heart was racing too.

He then asked the girl if he can hug and kiss her. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her and tried kissing her. She instantly pushed him away and stood as far as she could from him. She was shaking in fear. He then told her that he was just testing her and she had failed miserably. She literally raced out of the dark and dingy library. She was totally shaking for 3 hours and took a rickshaw back home and couldn’t talk to her family either. After the incident, she never sat in the office and was always on the field. A group of young men who were the ground team realized and were very supportive and told her she should look for a safer working environment. 10-15 days after that incident she took the salary and emailed him officially saying she didn’t wish to continue. After quitting the job then she told her family she wasn’t feeling safe but didn’t have the courage to communicate about what exactly had happened to her family. Otherwise, they would have definitely taken legal action. She was feeling ashamed as she was 23 years old, straight out of university like my friend and did not have maturity and strength to deal with such people! 

After reading such posts, I have come to realize that this guy is a fraudster, scamming other sensitive women and girls brings him happiness and must be behind the bars. He definitely shouldn’t be out there scamming people about his humanitarian, inspirational and spiritual efforts.

I have also heard about so much negative things about RVM Foundation. He has been harassing and sexually abusing so many women and girls in the name of employment. It’s the awful culture and disguised demeaning tactics to work with. It’s a creepy organization where the CEO looks for opportunities to lure young girls and if he doesn’t succeed in all of that he fires them all. It’s the dirtiest politics ever and one can’t judge the book by its cover. Ravi Melwani has been swindling his money and illegally spending it. There’s no work life balance for any employee. Females need to be careful and warning to all the women out there. Stay away from this fraudster, conman. RVM Foundation is the criminal and dangerous organization to work with.

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