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Dr. Rayden Cody has prescribed me too many medications.

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Chang

I was swallowing painkillers like they were my meals. Right now, I’m going to rehab because I had developed an addiction to those painkillers. And I’m certain that it was the fault of Dr. Cody. He had overprescribed me those medications and I was a fool to blindly follow his advice. If I had been more careful and alert, then I wouldn’t have had to lose so much. I would’ve had a bright career in sports, stable life and better health. I lost it all because of this guy!

I made the terrible mistake of trusting this guy. My parents thought he was great. According to my family, I was getting the best care possible. I got injured a few months ago in the field while playing football. You know how tough the game is. And getting injured isn’t that big of a deal but it became a big deal for me. I was in a lot of pain and I can’t explain how horrible it used to feel every now and then. My parents took me to this guy who was supposed to be the ‘Best Sports Doctor in Atlanta’ or something like that. He was in our area, had a lot of positive reviews and a strong online presence. My parents seemed to trust him too much. And so did I. the guy talked all nice and behaved all friendly so I couldn’t have thought that he was a vicious and negligent professional. If I had any idea of his unprofessional behavior, I wouldn’t have bothered to get treated by him. It’s like, why would I? The way this guy treated me, I’m telling you, I won’t be recommending him to anyone and you can forget me going to his clinic for some treatment. I’ll be going into rehab because of this guy for Christ’s sake! And you know, the worst part of all this is that this guy doesn’t have any remorse or guilt for his actions. He doesn’t feel guilty and he isn’t afraid of God. He is a horrible and heartless person who is in the wrong position. Heck, even a janitor would be more careful and responsible than this schmuck.

For my injury, this moron had prescribed some medicine and 3 months’ rest. I wasn’t supposed to take part in any tedious physical activity. This meant, my games were over and I had to forget all about exercising and playing. I did what he told me, another big mistake. I got all fat and addicted to those painkillers. He had prescribed me a lot of medication. I was popping pills every 2 hours. Soon, I got dependent on those pills and if I didn’t get them, I’d get all sick and cranky. I needed them! My family realized that I got addicted to them and so they stopped this guy’s treatment. I’m feeling much better now after leaving that monster. Please, for your own health’s sake if not for God, avoid this guy.

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