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Published: 19 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Where do I start with my rant about Raymour and Flanigan? probably would begin with 2 words… Paymore and Shenanigans…..I’ve had about every bad experience that I could possibly have with this company or at least with the Johnson City, NY store….First their sales tactics are extremely pushy and unprofessional. All the employees are liars. Being able to look beyond that I made the huge mistake of buying an expensive bedroom set from them because I thought we were getting good quality furniture. Wrong!! Extremely defective furniture was redelivered 4 times because of major flaws until I finally had to demand my money back and provide legal documentation that I was entitled to my money back under NYS implied warranty law. At the same time I bought the bedroom set I purchased a replacement table for my dining room set that i purchased previously at raymour. the table had to be delivered 3 times until it was finally right. When i was negotiating a price for all the furniture the salesperson and I agreed on a price plus FREE DELIVERY. When I paid, a delivery charge was added to the bill but they subtracted the cost of delivery from one of the pieces of furniture. Now they refunded the bedroom set but I kept my table since i have the rest of the set….when i received my refund it was short $80 plus tax…..go figure….the delivery fee….I call and explain to them that the salesperson had offered me free delivery and they told me that I was paying the delivery fee end of discussion. I went there to talk to them in person only to have them call the police on me (or at least they said they did) I don’t know because I left at that point…. I didn’t do anything to involve the police….in fact i tried calling several times for 2 days to resolve it on the phone until i showed up there. Every employee has lied to me and I feel like i have been cheated. Raymour has literally stolen my money and are refusing to give it back. I was told by the store manager that I was no longer a Raymour Flanigan customer as if I did something wrong by refusing to take defective furniture with wood filler and broken drawers and other major flaws….To top everything off, I had paid for a 5 year warranty on my table. Apparently that warranty is null and void and my money was returned to me without my permission. Isn’t a warranty a legally binding contract? There are sooooo many more details I left out of this to even make it semi short and there are so many more things i could say but I won’t waste any more of my time. Raymour has already wasted a month of it and the situation still hasn’t been completely resolved.

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